The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Web Developer in 2020

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Web Developer in 2020

Do you think it is the correct time to have a website for your business? Do you already have a website and are thinking of recreating and redesigning it to stay ahead in the competition? In both these cases you will need a web development company or a developer who will create it with the best, unique, and authentic ways.

To have a good and desired website that can attract the visitors you need a very good developer, but do you know what a website developer exactly does to make your website? Let’s discuss it from scratch.

What is Web Development?

Web development is basically the process of making and developing web solutions to be hosted on the internet. It involves coding that helps a website function.

Web development involves front end development and back end development that can be done into client-side coding and server-side coding. To understand it better, we can simply say that a website runs on three main elements, a client or a web browser, a server, and a database.

What are client-side coding and server-side coding?

Client-side coding

Client-side coding or client-side scripting is coding that works through the end user’s computer. This code is then used by a web browser to provide the user with a good experience on the web page. When a visitor visits the site, their web browser downloads the client-side code and depicts the web page on the screen. Client-side scripting is seen whenever a user lands on a webpage, the look of the site determines it all.

Server-side coding

The server-side script helps in enabling websites to have proper functioning like saving a user’s data, retrieving saved data, and rendering a personalized experience. It gives websites functioning far more than just displaying the formal content.

Server-side scripting collects the information that can be further used on a website from a permanent storage database. It can also change the existing database information. For instance, if you are creating a log-in for your online banking account, server-side scripting saves new information on the database, and when you log into that account, server-side scripting calls your information from the database where it was stored.

Server-side scripting always works in action whenever you search for something on Google. When you land on Google’s search page, client-side scripting helps in delivering the familiar logo and search bar, and when you type something in and search it, server-side scripting renders the results.

Both the client-side and server-side scripting works being a combination to deliver the best experience on a website. This experience is possible with the technologies like AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. These technologies help the website to query the server for information even without reloading a page. It means client-side script and a server-side script works together for the user to provide all the dynamic changes that happen in the background.

How does a Web Developer work for your website?

A web developer does all the things that are involved in building your site except graphic design while some of the developers also perform graphic designing as well to provide you a complete website.

A web developer will do the following things for your website.

Building an architecture

Web developers help you to put the website’s architecture. A good developer owns all the answers to your questions like, how do users navigate your site? How does a page relate to another page on the site? Where is the information housed? What kind of permissions do the users need to access certain areas of the site? Your site’s architecture depicts the experience of the user on the website like they want to visit your site again or they will never like to visit it again.

Building your functionality

A website’s functionality explains everything like what it will do for users who are visiting. Any type of function you are looking to have in your web site development needs to be discussed with the web developer.

Functionality does not only mean how your site performs but it is a way more than this. Exact details of page load speed and browser compatibility are the major parts of your site’s functionality. A web developer works to make all the functions working seamlessly and properly among all the platforms.

Testing your website

After the development process the developers test the functionality of your website before adding any of the new functions. The developer will make sure that any of the features added will not cause the site to break, and make sure all the existing functions are working.

Maintaining your website

A developer needs to maintain the site consistently even after completing it to ensure proper functioning.

How does it cost to build a website?

The cost of building and developing a website depends upon the solutions you choose to have in the website. There are a number of solutions like hiring an in-house web developer, hiring a freelance web developer, or taking software as a solution (SaaS) service. Hiring one of them is difficult but you can make a decision by understanding your requirements and budget. Like if you need to develop your site on a constant basis you must hire an in-house developer and like a freelancer and a web development companies.

The estimated cost of hiring an inhouse experienced web developer will be $70000 USD per year, hiring a (SaaS) you need to invest From $ 15 to 50 USD per month, and hiring a freelancer you need to spend for around $300 USD for the completion of the project. These are the estimated costs that can change according to the requirements of the projects.


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