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Google My Business Guide:

Today, there are multiple alternatives for an SME to increase its presence on the Internet, but one of the most used and most effective is Google My Business.

In this sense, the times of digital transformation are at hand and for small and medium-sized local companies, obtaining greater visibility on the internet should be the highest priority.

Beyond being a trend, knowing how to use an SME Google My Business allows every small local business to gain significant representation on the internet.

Exclusively for you

One of the most interesting aspects that you should know how to use a Google My Business is that this Google service has been designed for local businesses like yours, and its sole objective is to provide you with the greatest visibility on the net.

By using GMB, customers will be able to find your business quickly and very easily.

Everything happens in a simpler and more accessible way. A digital file of your business is created and all the data related to your company is added to it. All in one tab

The most interesting thing is that this tab contains fundamental information about your company, from who you are to what you do. But that is not all. Google My Business will also indicate to those interested the specific address where you are, thanks to Google Maps.

Likewise, in that tab you will know what your hours are, there will be contact information where your website, your email or your phone is collected and, in addition, you can include even high-definition images of your business.

In fact, through Google My Business you can publish a virtual tour with 360º images of the interior of your facilities.

Google My Business Opinions, reviews and ratings

Having all the benefits of Google My Business for SMEs on hand will essentially depend on the opinions that users leave on the local Google page.

This is called reviews and they are highly advantageous to increase the appearance in the searches, the consistency and the credibility of your business.

According to the experts, Google My Business reviews play an essential role in the web positioning of your company, because they are considered a channel for immediate interaction with your customers and an ideal way to respond and manage solutions.

Closely linked to reviews, we find an interesting rating system through which users can express their degree of satisfaction with your company.

They can do this using a satisfaction range from 1 to 5.

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Huge utility

Once you know how to use a Google My Business, you can generate publications to keep your customers fully informed with the latest releases, news, offers and promotions.

Something really important is that through this platform you will assume vital access to a wide variety of analysis statistics about your digital file.

This is a very useful resource, within any optimization strategy, of a digital marketing campaign for any search engine.

On the other hand, thanks to the use of Google My Business you will not only be able to interact with your customers, but you will be able to retain them even more with the management of those ratings and reviews.

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