7 Tips that can help you hire the best Android App Developer

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7 Tips that can help you hire the best Android App Developer

In this technology-driven world, mobile applications (Android and iOS mainly) have dominated the life of almost every individual. From booking a taxi, ordering food to listening to music and accessing bank accounts, mobile applications are being widely used for almost everything. One of the biggest reasons behind it is the growing use of smartphones.

On one side, mobile apps provide their users with a convenient way to buy products and services, and on the other side, these apps help businesses to reach their targeted audience and expand their outreach. These apps are revamping the way businesses used to operate; it is estimated that the mobile apps market might generate revenue of up to $693 by next year.

So, if you don’t have a mobile app for your business or you wanted to start a new business with a mobile application, then the first thing you need to do is to find a mobile app developer or connect to a mobile app development company.

Looking over the two major players, Android and iOS, in the market, it is clear that the number of users using Android App are more than iOS apps. In other words, chances of reaching out to more customers are higher in the former than the latter. If you choose to go with the first platform and want the best Android app developer for your project, then keep these 7 tips in your mind:


  • Must be proficient with Android App Development 


No matter if you want to hire one Android developer or a whole team (depending on the size and complexity of your app), it is mandatory to verify the proficiency of the developer by interviewing them or by looking over to their previous projects.


  • The developer should have knowledge of open-source platforms and cross-platforms 


Being an open-source platform, Android gives developers the flexibility to create bespoke applications. Therefore, the developer should have sound knowledge of the same. Apart from this platform, the Android developer you choose should also know about cross-platform app development so the developed mobile app can be accessed from various platforms.


  • Must be creative and confident


The Android developer should be creative and confident to use and implement the latest technologies and tools during the app development. He/she must not doubt their skills or potential.


  • The Developer should be good at planning and management 


Right planning helps in avoiding flaws, bring the desired outcome, and reduces any delay in the app development project. The developer should be able to do planning and management so that every development process completes in the pre-defined time.


  • Must possess good communication skills


The Android app developer should have excellent communication skills so that he/she can maintain a clear line of communication before and during the project development. Apart from this, he/she should know about the milestone where the client needs to be informed about the progress of the project.


  • The developer should follow agile frameworks 


Frameworks such as Lean, Scrum, and a few others are considered as a proven method of app development. And, if your chosen developer or the team is conversant with that, then chances of on-time delivery and project’s success are high.


  • Must offer post-development support 


The work and responsibility of a developer is not only to design and deploy an Android application that meets its clients’ expectations. The changes and advancements in technology also need to be implemented in your application. Therefore, the developer should also offer post-development support services for maintaining and upgrading the application to avoid bugs and bring in the latest features.



Now you must be aware of the parameters to check or tips to keep in mind while hiring an Android app developer or custom app development company for your app development project. So, it is advised to make a list of these points while interviewing the developer or connecting to any reliable Android development company.

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