Top 8 Desktop Messaging Applications to Use in 2020

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Top 8 Desktop Messaging Applications to Use in 2020

In the present era, sending messages has become an everyday activity among people like the usage of smartphones and computers in daily life. However, this feature was earlier present in mobile phones only in the form of SMS or MMS. Nowadays, a lot of cross-platform messaging applications are available in the leading app stores that help in sending instant messages.

You can download these applications on your desktop apart from the smart gadgets. The best things about these applications are user-friendliness and free access. Here, you get detailed information regarding the top 8 desktop messaging applications to use in 2020.

Desktop messaging applications allow the user to send instant messages from a desktop to any other gadget. In most of the cases, these applications are compatible with both Windows and iOS desktops. All you have to do is install the correct version of a particular app that matches the color and resolution of your desktop.

There are a handful of desktop messaging applications available with each having some unique feature. As a tech-savvy person, you must know the features of each desktop messaging app before downloading.

8 Leading Desktop Messaging Applications

You can choose a desktop messaging application from the following and start using it for instant texting. Moreover, if you have too many contacts to handle, you can use a few applications on your desktop simultaneously.

1. Whatsapp

The Whatsapp Messenger was initially designed as an application for smartphones and tablets. Later, Whatsapp Web came into existence, making it a top-ranking desktop messaging application.

As per the data of the app stores, Whatapp Messenger has got the highest number of installations. The best trait of Whatsapp is user-friendliness. It has a lucid interface and it allows the user to chat personally or create groups while accessing it through the desktop. Moreover, the end-to-end encryption on all messages and documents ensure total safety.

Features of Whatsapp

  • Allows sending text messages, voice messages, video clips
  • Users can send unlimited media and document files in personal chats and groups and Transfer Whatsapp Photos and documents iphone to PC
  • Whatsapp video calling is the best update in recent times
  • Provides high-quality voice calling

2. Skype

Skype is another well-known desktop messaging application that has an unparalleled global reach. People mainly use it for video calling; however, it allows you to send text messages too.

You can easily download the latest version of Skype from the web and install it in your system just in a few clicks. When it comes to messaging, you can send both media and document files to your friends and colleagues.

Apart from the web version, you can get the application from the leading app stores and install it in your smartphone as well.

Features of Skype

  • Provides real-time messaging from the desktop
  • Allows group chat video with up to 50 members
  • Facilitates easy screen sharing
  • Efficiently transfers different types of document and media files
  • Live subtitles are available in Skype
  • Presence of Skype number helps to access it in foreign lands

3. WeChat       

Apart from being a mobile application, WeChat has got a web version that makes it a cross-platform messaging application. Like most other desktop messaging applications, you have just to run the setup to install WeChat.

You can send unlimited messages and files to a single person or in groups. All actions on WeChat are free. You will only need a pr]oper internet connection to run WeChat on your system. Moreover, the voice and video call features are available on WeChat too.

Features of WeChat

  • All texts and files can be sent to multiple contacts for free
  • Allows users to play games digitally in groups

4. Viber

Viber is a desktop messaging application known for its unique features. In terms of the global installation rate, you can consider it to be a prominent competitor of Whatsapp Messenger.

The features of Viber match a lot with Whatsapp. Moreover, you can find a similarity in the interface too. So, using Viber can be easy for you if you already used Whatsapp.

Moreover, Viber also encrypts all the messages and documents enhancing the safety against hacking and leakage.

Features of Viber

  • Easy Viber log-in with QR code
  • VOIP facility allows you to call on any phone number around the world
  • Acts a platform to play multiplayer games
  • Enables users to follow public accounts

5. Telegram

When it comes to desktop messaging, you can rely on the Telegram app to get all necessary conveniences and features. The best aspect of Telegram is its lightweight. Even if your desktop contains data in bulk, Telegram can easily fit in it. Moreover, you can get the comfort of logging in with your phone number only.

Another good thing about Telegram is the presence of a portable application. You can directly use this app on your Windows desktop without installation.

As a macOS client, Telegram can provide you with the allowance to use it seamlessly on a Mac desktop.

Features of Telegram

  • Supports Linux
  • Self-destructing message feature to keep the cache data low
  • An easy interface that does not require QR code for log-in

6. Pinngle Messenger


Pinngle Messenger is one of the recently-launched applications that can both run on smartphones and desktops. It is the best for users who need to send text messages frequently through the desktop.

As a recent app, you can rely on the upkeep of Pinngle Messenger. Moreover, like most other applications on this list, it provides texting and calling convenience to the users for free.

Features of Pinngle Messenger

  • Offers outstanding security for the messages and file sent or received
  • Allows users to sent unlimited docs or messages to people or group
  • Message broadcasting is done
  • Users can expect excellent outreach from the app

7. iMessage

iMessage can be the best pick for Apple users if they want to send messages through the desktop. Moreover, if you have more than one Apple gadget, you can connect them all.

iMessage is the best app for sending texts and documents to other Apple users. However, you can send these to other contacts too but will not encrypt it.

Features of iMessage

  • Excellent upkeep helps a person to send messages and documents easily
  • Acts as the first-hand communication support for the Apple users
  • Compatibility with Siri makes the app responsive to voice commands
  • Allows Siri to send a text message applying its artificial intelligence

8. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is yet another recent desktop messaging application that is available in most app stores as well as the web. You will need to download the setup file on your desktop and install it.

The best thing about Nimbuzz is its compatibility with Google Talk and Facebook. You can use either account for logging in the Nimbuzz application.

The community of Nimbuzz has already taken the shape of a social media platform. Here, you can chat personally or make groups,

Features of Nimbuzz

  • Sends messages and documents to other Nimbuzz holders through desktop
  • Comprises of the ‘Drag and Drop’ feature to allow easy sharing
  • Users can send large files such as movies through the app
  • Internet supported calling feature is available

Facts to consider when choosing the right desktop messenger application

If you are thinking to install the right desktop messenger application, always concentrate on some facts like:

Needs and necessities: Before installing a desktop messaging application, you need to be sure about the type of file and amount of texts that you need to send.

Size of the application: When it comes to desktops, the messaging sites act like software. So, you must consider checking its size before installing.

However, the size would not be a concern if you can directly access the app through the web browser.

Type of messages and documents that you can comfortably send: Make sure to choose the right desktop messenger application considering the kind of documents and texts you need to send.

You should check the highest amount of data that an application allows you to send at a time. Consider this as a significant determinant of your choice for the desktop messaging application.

Final Words

Although smartphones and tablets have become quite trendy and people are using it with ease, desktops have not lost their importance. Professional people tend to use the desktop more and they need proper communication support.

Desktop messaging applications help professional people to handle their work pressure and communicate with the concerned people simultaneously.

Some applications mentioned here have become extremely reliable in terms of their efficiency, performance, and safety. However, that does not mean that the others have a lot of drawbacks. You must try to check the features and testimonials of the newer desktop messaging applications and start using it. All the apps enlisted here allow free access and you will only need a good data connection for seamless usage.

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