How an attorney compelled some police chiefs to reinstate some police officers they fired

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How an attorney compelled some police chiefs to reinstate some police officers they fired

Several officers are usually fired back on the streets by police chiefs for misconduct.

Philadelphia Police department compelled to rehire Cyrus Mann, a police officer who shot a man that was unarmed at the back.

Miami’s homicide detectives are almost gaining on the suspects who robbed and killed the manager of a phone store six years before. The breakthrough in the case brought them to Adrian Rodriguez, another police officer.

Rodriguez was once an employee at the phone store before he joined the Miami Police Department and was still an employee there the night the incident that led to the shooting of his manager. The detectives have discovered that the job was an internal one that might involve Rodriguez and his dad.

The police chief fired him when he was uncooperative with the police. Rodriguez then implemented what police officers in South Florid did to regain their jobs. He turned to Gene Gibbons, Fort Lauderdale labor attorney.

Gibbons, who was a police representative when filing job appeals throughout Florida has successfully reinstated about 22 police officers in the past eight years by restoring their works after being previously fired by police chiefs who indicated that they were not fit for duty.

Gibbons have been able to achieve success by discovering the areas he could exploit in the department’s case irrespective of the severity of the offense. He usually takes advantage of the misdeeds of police officials, contending with inappropriate investigations, and focuses on missed deadlines in the departments.

Gibbons, 47 stated concerning his technique that he receives ammunition for victory from the city.

Gibbons was victorious again in May after compelling the return of Rodriguez by an arbitrator back to the Miami Police Department.

Rodolfo Llanes of Rodriguez, the Miami Police Chief indicated that he was unfit to be an officer and they had no way of confronting the family of the victim if he was not fired.

Llanes indicated that Gibbon’s achievement is sabotaging his ability to hold every officer accountable for their actions. Through Gibbon’s efforts, six out of the 12 officers laid off by the chief since 2014 have been reinstated without choice.

A quasi-judicial system also known as arbitration, has been utilized by attorneys like Gibbons to enable numerous officers to win back their jobs. A report from The Post in August stated that more than 450 police officers have been reinstated without choice where more than a quarter have been laid off due to misconduct in 37 of the largest police departments in the country. The officers are often found guilty of the misconduct, however, through arbitration, the firings have been overruled through union attorneys.

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Gibbons, who was a barrel-chested, affable man began his path to advocating for embattle officers as a teenager living outside Philadelphia in the 1980s.

Gibbons, at age 16 was once driving his family’s station wagon when he was pulled over by an officer in Philadelphia. His license was evaluated by the officer while Gibbons sat quietly. He then asked the officer why he was pulled over. Gibbons stated that he was suddenly punched in the face by the officer and then asked him to go home.

He said he was boiling in anger and the police were extremely powerful.

Gibbons aspired to become a police officer. He decided to study criminal justice at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, then became a Police officer at the Coral gables Police Department after moving to Florida. Gibbons ran for the president of the Coral Gables officers union and became elected after police officers were threatened by the city for a reduction of their benefits.

He said he really wanted to enjoy the contention.

Gibbons later discovered that being an advocate could be more beneficial to low ranking officers working for the police unions. He got a degree in Law from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and resigned from the force to begin his company. He and his colleague are currently representing about 3,200 officers across 9 police unions in Florida.

Mike Muley, a Miami Beach officer who got fired due to a drinking problem and discharging his weapon at a club stated that he got his life back through Gene Gibbons after Gibbons compelled Miami Beach to reinstate Muley and make provision for his treatment.

The attorney has been successful over several cases as well as those that proved extremely difficult. He was able to get a Miami Beach detective who tested positive for cocaine in 2013 reinstated by contending that the outcome came from a traditional remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Gibbons stated that holding officers accountable is important, however, police chiefs lay off officers quickly for misconduct. Gibbons attempts to reveal to arbitrators during a job appeal that these officers are bound by duty but humiliated by a huge mistake.

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I am on top of you

The Police Chief in Plantation conceived that Officer Pete Saglio’sbehavior has gone overboard. Saglio used the equipment at the police department during working hours to send a masturbation video of 26 seconds to a woman he was handling her case.

The event started in January 2015 while Saglio was still a detective and began to consider the delivery of flowers received at a woman’s house. A potentially life-threatening message was discovered in one of the deliveries.

Saglio contacted the woman via text for additional discussion on the case. He then continued to send messages to this woman for another two months about suggestions, as seen in the copies of these messages, that were part of the internal affairs file retrieved by the Post in an open record request.

He wrote in one that he was top of her and another that he meant it.

He stated that the case requires additional connections,

He stated in one text that she has been silent for anyone. Lol.

Even though each of the messages does not describe a sexual relationship, the woman stated that Saglio was definitely reaching his limits.

The woman was once interviewed and she said that he informed her at a time she owned him and a few of these comments were creepy to her.

However, she stated that she was too scared to approach him as she does not want to put the investigation in jeopardy.

Things were no longer the same when Saglio sent the video.

She recalled opening the video and began to scream continuously that he sent her a video where he was masturbating and she remembered her friend telling her to call the police while she answered that he was the police.

According to the report, Saglio told internal affairs investigation that a few minutes later, he called her that he had sent something not meant for her  and it shouldn’t be opened.

The woman informed her lawyer immediately who reported it to the Plantation city officials where Saglio was told never to contact the woman again.

Based on his comment, Saglio said he later destroyed the mobile device used and informed the supervisors that he had unknowingly sent a video-based.

In April 2016, Chief W. Howard Harrison fired Saglio after the findings showed that three departmental guidelines were violated, which also includes that officers are required to be of moral character.

In December 22016, Saglio appealed the case. Gibbons helped to contend during the arbitration hearing that firing him was a severe step as Saglio originally planned to send his wife the video. He continued that masturbation was not indicated in Florida law to be a violation of moral character by officers.

Gibbons debated during the hearing that the case is focused on something that is done by almost everyone present and he is only focusing on sending a video to the wrong receiver.

Harrison stated that he could no longer depend on Saglio’s judgment as an officer as they are not supposed to be sending pornographic materials in the first place.

Harrison stated in the hearing that Saglio sent a video of himself masturbating during official duty hours using the city WI-FI which was obviously a violation of moral character.

See continued story.

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