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How Bulk SMS Marketing Can Be Of Help

While interacting with potential new customers a question posed to them what are the advantages of a bulk SMS service in comparison to other marketing modules. In case of some, it can be an online email sending jobs whereas the major benefits arise due to its speed and cost-effective proportion. But it is always better to hear from the customers what the main benefits of SMS services are.  Let us get to the details as follows.

Open rates

Nearly 98 % of messages are opened by a receiver within 5 seconds. This is a really good ratio but when it comes to an email that takes 20 seconds to open, you cannot keep on admiring it more. It goes without saying that the emails are opened within 48 hours on an average. So if you want to ensure that the message is seen by a major chunk of your audience then opts for SMS marketing.

Flexibility along with speed

Any business needs to cope up with the demands of modern-day business. This includes flexibility along with the speed of operations. There is virtually zero time in case of SMS as a message reaches out to the target audience in a span of seconds. Even it allows businesses so as to respond to the immediate requests of the day or to monitor the performance of their competitor.

Low cost along with higher ROI

The newspapers, television or digital ads are forbidden for large scale business. A reason being that the cost is on the higher level. In case of a bulk SMS, the cost is relatively less as compared to the traditional marketing methods. The best aspect is that you can gain 1000s of customers within a few dollars. In fact with cost-effectiveness along with higher ROI is the driving force for SMS.

A target-oriented approach

Gone are the days where the marketing manager used to send out messages in the hope that it would touch a target audience. With an eye on cost, a necessity is that every message has to reach the intended party. Since it is permission-based on any person who is going to receive a message might already be having a relationship with you and might have gone on to agree so as to receive messages from you. This points to the fact that they might already be targets or new leads in terms of sales. A well-known fact is that it is much easier to sell to an existing customer than an old one. Even when SMS sending work it is a major advantage. To target existing customers there is no better option than bulk SMS.


If you are sending SMS messages to your client’s personalization might be an option to consider. On the basis of customer behaviours of demographics, you can go on to personalize it within a few seconds. So as to achieve this level of personalization with other marketing modules it might seem to be a difficult task.

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