How do I get a scholarship from an American university?

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Service scholarship

Including teaching assistantship (teaching assistantship) and research assistantship (Research

Assistantship). This kind of scholarship is generally awarded to graduate students and doctoral students. Undergraduate students receive research assistantships in a few colleges, but the ratio is relatively small.

Such scholarship labs provide students with a certain amount of cash or monthly allowances and are exempted from tuition and fees at most colleges.

However, those who receive such funding are required to perform 12-20 hours of auxiliary teaching or research work per week. Most of the winners get the full prize with one of these two service salaries.

Most graduate schools in the United States have set up these two types of funding. Teaching assistantship generally requires students to have a strong English ability, especially oral English. Different schools have different requirements. Good universities usually require

TOEFL 100 or more and oral English 23 or more. This kind of scholarship is generally provided by the department. Research assistants require students to have certain scientific research capabilities and professors provide scholarships through their own research projects.

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School loans (Loan)

Such scholarships are generally only available to students from the United States, but they are not absolute.


In addition, students in the United States campus, there are many opportunities to learn and can save the cost of living, such as resident assistant, to do the job can get free accommodation; graduate assistant, assist in administrative fragmented and instruments

work; staff performance evaluation reform, major help Professor reviewed papers and scoring; work-study program, mainly in the school library, computer center, campus restaurant did casual work, derive some income; summer temporary workers; foreign students unexpected events or Medicaid.


At the same time, there are scholarships on campus in the United States, as well as various scholarships established by some social organizations. Some are donated to the college by foundations, companies, companies, factories, or privately. There are hundreds of thousands of such scholarships, ranging from US$500 to 10 Ranging from tens of thousands of dollars.

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