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The technological advancement has increased a lot, there are so many things that are now taking advantage of the new technology and creating more and more complex new things that enable us to learn various things and even discover more and more about other things too. Since, everything is about the look and feel of various things, which is basically another aspect of animation designing. It is really very strange how things are now done when it comes to the entire technology. You can see movies that take advantage of the animations to bring in those elements that are not even real. Is not only the entertainment industry but also various medical professions also include the use of animation to make sure that they are able to create more effective healing and recovery. For example, through the 3-D print animation and visuals, you can easily understand the human anatomy in a much better. There this branch of IT known as animation has completely influenced many different industries and professions. 

What Is Animation?

The animation is basically a technique through which visual graphics can be interpreted in such a way that you can easily look and feel what is being present. The object or the graphic that is being created or projected can be of any shape, size, or color. Thus, this whole process through which a very object or picture is being projected and enabled to give graphical output that is either still or moving is known as the animation. The animation is that branch of technology that deals with all the illusions or the objects that might not be real but still have a presence of their which is seen through the eye. Now, this animation could have resulted as a computer-based graphic that you see in the television or anime or it can be a real thing in the case of 3-D print technology or the mechanical car design. You just understand that animation is just one aspect of a whole lot of things that are included in it. Thus, there are many different types of animation.

Types of animation

The following points will give an idea of what are the different types of animation:-


  • 2-D Animation


You can simply understand from the name 2-D animation, it is a type of graphical work that involves only the two dimensions of space which is the x and y. Through, this x and y coordinate system one is able to manage to process graphics. Most of the cartoons that you see are of 2-D animation. 


  • 3-D Animation


It has all the attributes of 2-D Animation with the further involvement of working in the z-axis. Therefore, giving the object a more subtle structure and making the graphic look more realistic. This, you can see the entire object as if it a whole space. 


  • Mechanical Animation


In this animation, the things work according to the mechanics of how a certain movement is done. It is quite useful to direct animations to such an extent that the object seems to be moving and is able to interact with you in the same way as you interact with others. 

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