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With the development of animation software, this technology can also be used by those outside the entertainment industry. Marketing teams, product teams, and others use animation solutions to improve their websites and content. An animated video is an excellent addition to a blog or advertisement; Adding animated content can take a business’ brand to a new level.

Here is how they can make it worth their while with the list of best free animation software:

1. Mango Animate Animation Maker

This is one of the best animation software when it comes to free ones with distinctive features. It is an online drag-and-drop platform for creating animations and videos. This platform is free and less technical than many other animation solutions.

Designed for content marketing characters, it includes templates for creating different types of animations, including infographics, animated fonts, whiteboards, and 2D cartoons.

Some of the key benefits of Mango Animate Animation Maker:

  • Large library of prefabricated models and animated characters
  • Drag and edit style with 6 types of animated video styles
  • Create table videos
  • Simple infographic designer
  • More advanced features for technical creations

2. The Keyshot


KeyShot is fast and easy to use 3D rendering software with animation features. With this tool, users can switch from a simple template to an amazing pattern in minutes. KeyShot is completely free animation software.

KeyShot has a number of features that support 3D animation and rendering, including but not limited to:

  • 2D animation and 3D animation
  • HDRI lighting that lets you turn on and off the scene as needed
  • Camera control that allows users to simulate actual camera behavior
  • Dynamic texture mapping to simulate a real landscape view
  • Focused caustics to properly lighten objects

3. K-3D


K-3D is a 3D animation and modeling software. It combines plug-ins with a visual pipeline architecture, making it a powerful and flexible tool for artists. With this free animation software, users can create unique combinations in their work.

K-3D offers a number of features that make the artist’s work as easy as possible:

  • Advanced undo / repeat function
  • Interactively adjustable features
  • Node-based delivery channel


4. PowToon


This free animation software is for making short videos and presentations. Users can upload their own content or select content from the copyrighted PowToon library. Coordinators can customize existing templates to make sure they fit their needs.

PowToon offers paid options, but its free plan offers the following features:

  • Standard video resolution
  • Access to a portion of the PowToon video content library
  • Create videos of up to three minutes
  • Export to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Choice of ratio and size


5. Creion2D


With this 2D animation software, users can create more traditional and drawn scenes. This is done using raster and vector graphs. Pencil2D is not only free animation software but also open source.

Pencil2D offers a number of features to facilitate animation, including but not limited to:

  • Lightweight and simple interface design
  • The ability to seamlessly switch between scanning files and vector files
  • Cross-platform functionality for easy use on Mac, Windows and Linux



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