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Windows Defenders

Windows Defender antivirus in Windows 10 is considered a Windows service that works in conjunction with other Microsoft Internet security and maintenance services such as Windows Firewall and Microsoft Smart Screen. Similar to these phishing and malware filters that Microsoft used in products like Hotmail and Internet Explorer, Microsoft enabled Windows Defenders in Windows 10 in order to secure the operating system from various kinds of Malware, Spyware, and Viruses. Ever since Microsoft introduced this free built-in antivirus, Windows 10 won’t hassle its user any more to download and install an antivirus like it did earlier with Windows 7 version.

What exactly is Windows Defender?

Officially released for public on October 24, 2006, Microsoft Window Defender was earlier known as Microsoft Security Essentials and was available to be downloaded separately into the Windows 7 version. But, in Windows 8 and above version, Windows Defenders is built into them and enabled to protect the Windows operating system by default. Windows Defender is a preferable antivirus among many Windows users. It is because; it automatically scans programs for them, downloads new definitions from Windows Update, and also provides an interface that they can use for the in-depth scans, etc.

Microsoft Window Defenders is based on Giant AntiSpyware from the GIANT Company that Microsoft acquired in 2004. With Windows Defenders users can do an on-demand scan for malicious programs, can download new virus definitions through Windows Updates, and have pretty good firewall protection as well.

Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Defender also has a security centre application that offers the Windows Defender user a collective experience to control as well as view the status and security features of Windows Defender antivirus like performance monitor, firewall and antivirus protection status, etc. Anyone can get started with Windows Defender Security Center application by performing these below-given easy steps in order to receive alerts to keep the PC secure from time to time:

  • To do so, visit the security centre app and open it by clicking on the shield icon from the taskbar. One can also open it by searching on the start menu for the Defender.
  • That’s it! There, Windows Defender users can view and control the status of all the security features.


How Good is Windows Defender?

During its earlier phase, many of the independent tests showed that in order to provide protection from various threats to the Windows operating system, Windows Defender failed miserably. However, after that, Microsoft invested a lot of effort and time in improving Windows Defender in order to compete with many big names available in the market.

And, without a doubt, Microsoft’s hard work pays off quite well with time as Windows Defender’s new improved version climbed at a fast speed on test rankings and still continues to do so. Though, for Windows 10 users who are looking for a bare-bones antivirus, Windows Defender makes it an attractive free option by offering a lot in terms of protection, performance, and usability; but the answer for the question Is windows defender a good antivirus?” will likely to depend on the user’s expectations, choices, and priorities. Still, it’s necessary to know in general, the overview of

Windows Defender Pros and Cons:


  • Available by default in Windows 10.
  • Windows security features can be easily accessed
  • Effective ransom-ware protection.
  • Always ‘On’ when no other antivirus present


  • Poor malicious URL blocking.
  • Susceptible to user error.
  • Slows down the installation of various applications on the operating system
  • Limited number of extra features
  • No protection from lower-risk malware and
  • Mixed results from independent test labs


Windows Defender Windows 10 Reviews:

  • It helps to keep Windows operating systems safe by providing built-in antivirus protection in Windows 8 and its above versions.
  • It is a premium antivirus with a pretty attractive free plan.
  • It provides excellent malware and spyware protection.
  • Overall keeping aside small hiccups, historical data on both AV-Comparatives and AV-Test depicts a remarkable improvement in Windows Defender’s safety and security performance over the years.
  • The only main issue with Window Defender is that, sometimes, it doesn’t update automatically and you have to manually update it.
  • It is still struggling to come in the list of top best antivirus software available in the market according to many test results.


No doubt, Window Defender is vulnerable to user error, its scores in the tests are mixed, and it has a limited number of extra features but, then also the fact that with time Windows Defender provides quite good protection to PCs and at the same time it scans everything without your need to do anything has really made this software a very appealing option among many Windows users. However, in order to know more about Window Defender, you can visit the site and get yourself assisted for all your queries related to it.


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