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How Much RAM do You Actually Need in Your Smartphone

All around us, technology is evolving. The aim is to make things smarter and simplify the lives of humans in every possible way. Evolving technology and the desire of manufacturers to build better products are visible all around us. Smartphones are the most prominent products where technology is evolving practically on a daily basis. 

Today, smartphone manufacturers are constantly competing with each other to create products that people will love. As a result, people are also buying newer smartphones on a regular basis to stay updated on the latest wonders of technology. 

The best part is that the intense competition in the smartphone market has resulted in smartphones being more cost-effective than ever before. Where previously premium products had the best features, today, the best mobiles under 12,000 INR, such as Realme Narzo 10A come with the best features and configuration. 

To ensure that the smartphone fulfills all of your needs and requirements, it is imperative that you check the phone’s features before you make the purchase. While buying a smartphone, most people will check the camera quality, but not many people check the RAM size. Depending on your usage patterns, and the reasons why you use your smartphone, you have to select a smartphone with higher RAM size. For instance, if you do not use a lot of apps, and use your smartphone only to check messages, make calls, or browse the web, you can purchase a 4GB RAM phone. However, anything more would require you to purchase at least a 6GB RAM phone.

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is what allows your smartphone to run all the apps that you want on the device. When you install an app, it gets stored on your SD card or your phone memory, but running it requires the RAM to be of optimal size. The best part is that the amount of RAM you require is solely dependent on the functionality that you expect from your smartphone. 

If you use your smartphone to use features such as the camera or access social media apps, a 4GB RAM would be adequate. However, if you use your smartphone the way it is meant to be used, i.e., to fulfill a range of productivity tasks while also enjoying a plethora of entertainment options available to you, you will require a higher RAM size. 

A 6GB RAM phone is ideal for meeting most of your requirements. You can run graphically-intensive games, finish making your presentation or even read the latest bestseller on your smartphone with the utmost ease. It is important to identify your requirements before you purchase a 6GB RAM phone though because RAM is an expensive component of the smartphone. 

It stores the temporary memory of applications running on the smartphone. This is in contrast to your phone’s internal memory or your SD card, which saves everything. RAM is also the reason why your apps continue to run in the background even after you close them. As a result, it gets easier to open them again since they can load much faster. 

While picking your next smartphone, make sure the RAM is adequate for your requirements. Some of the best 6GB RAM phones available in the market today include Realme 2 Pro and Infinix Hot 7 Pro, which are also two of the best mobiles under 12,000 INR.

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