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Technology prevails everywhere

When it comes to the offshoots or impacts of a particular event to its correspondent generation, then technology is no less than the World Wars of the last century. The phenomenon has meticulously shaped our daily lives and put everything dependent on your local internet speed. Higher the speed of your internet, the more you will be open and inclusive to the rest of the world. The youth from the Millennial and Generation Z is more empowered than ever before– thanks to the information age, media access, and the mainstreaming of cyberspace.

Technology redefines classroom boundaries 

Meanwhile, the very reason behind www was to enhance the communication and boost the exchange of important data between different institutes or state departments. The motive behind the concept of the hyperlink was to facilitate the researchers so they can easily access related research papers through the same screen after some manual clicks. This was probably the first time when technology was used for educational purposes and the rest is history. 

The answer to the question of how technology has made student life easy has its roots deeply stemmed in another different but yet similar question, i.e., how technology influenced academia. With an internet connection, student dwelling in less remotely far away areas can also have access to all university resources that others have. Sociologically seeing, the internet has, voluntarily or involuntarily, largely aim to eradicate class discrimination in society. Regardless of creed, race, nationality, religion, the internet offers the same treatment to every user, unless the local governments put censorship on it.

The learners can read, listen, download lectures with additional research materials, and if they miss their on-campus conversations with friends (due to quarantine forced by COVID-19), they can connect to interactive online groups and chat applications. The students can virtually subscribe to all those perks that they, due to some reasons, might not physically avail at the moment.   

For budding young research scholars, technology has opened a multitude of new avenues for their research. Highly reputed and acclaimed research journals can be accessed online after their subscription, and the student seeking research material can easily find through an email when their concerned topic has been discussed in any of the research papers. Google Scholars is one of the most trusted and authentic resources for researchers worldwide. 

Technology has set the stage for Innovation

The Internet paved the way for open education. Now students can finish their degree online, can find their jobs online, and even earn through it. Freelancing is one of the most thriving and lucrative industries. Studies suggest that this self-employed gig economy might supersede full-time jobs in the near future. The technology provides the teacher an opportunity to devise modern pedagogy which includes graphics of objects, videos of complex topics, and sometimes the video games of mathematical problems that need to be unlocked for its last level to achieve A+ grade in the subject. Following the footprints of their teachers, the student’s fraternity also tends to rely on new and novel learning ways. Some students prefer their own mental faculties and the internet helps them in pursuit of self- learning. This community of self-taught students is more prone to innovate and bring out fresh ideas to the world. Dissecting this phenomenon in other words, i.e., the new ways to learn things lead to reaching out to new conclusions in a pretty different manner.  

Technology brought education closer to industry 

Long gone were the days when students after getting formal education needed to attain one more diploma or course to grasp the practical acumen of a particular field. Technology has filled the gap and acted as a bridge between industry and educational institutions. Many industries realized the significance and started to conduct their own certified courses online, through which they successfully hire the best human resource for their industry. This method also has been adopted by different states as well, this online training and recruitment system saves them from stacks of resume files, physical accommodation, and many similar fiascoes.

Technology has replaced old learning method

Technology has made it easy for students of every class to get benefits. Now we see a lot of help students can get online. A lot of video lectures and online stuff eventually help students to get education easily. 

In math, students would find it difficult to learn various concepts of math. With the modernization of technology students can find their answers online on discussion portals. Apart from that, there are many online calculators which are specifically designed to make students at ease.

Students who are struggling with basic concepts of integration, can simply find an Integration calculator online which easily solves the equation for the students who in return learn the concepts. Another online calculator is handy for the students as the students find it difficult to get over the limit of a function. This subject of math needs time and attention to learn, a limit calculator can be useful for someone as it is good to learn as well as to practice online. 


The first industrial revolution transformed the manual workload of a human worker to the mechanical capacity of a machine. Whereas the technological revolution advanced this further and added a dramatic increase in machine capacities, which hugely affect all fields. Education 4.0 is the best example to manifest these radical changes. Personalized classrooms, online exams, learning from home, collaborative online groups, to name a few, are the self-evident examples of questions that how technology made student life easier than ever.

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