How to Backup, Share and Sync Your Files Between your Devices

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How to Backup, Share and Sync Your Files Between your Devices

I am writing this article to let you know about an amazing software which has made my life really easier. If you are using Dropbox already with the help of cloud computing, you need not read this post. If you are not using it right now, then I recommend that you read this article fully even if you have heard of it already. Because I am going to talk about all its features and amazing capabilities.

Physical Storage types

Backing up massive amounts of data from professional IT solutions providers in India is also possible with the help of physical rack servers and tower servers and hard drives from time to time. It is highly recommended for people to know and understand different kinds of options found in the market to save files and data in an electronic way. There are more than a few devices available in the market, that can be used in order to save data with high level encryption from time to time.

It is easy to buy a server at cheap rates using any of the refurbished websites. They offer some of the best options without affecting the cost and maintenance.

I did some research further and decided to buy a little more premium range of UPS from APC. The dealer suggested that I go with APC BackUPS Pro 1000VA. It had some really cool features in it (which I will talk about later). He quoted Rs.7,500 and it is supposed to have a higher backup time than my previous UPS because it had a 18Ah (2x9Ah) internal maintenance free battery. I ordered it and got it delivered within a day.

APC Back-UPS Pro 1000VA (BR1000G-IN) Review

Now let us cut to the chase and come to the actual review of the UPS. The UPS is full black in color and the overall look is quite neat. One of my friends mistook it for a slender small form factor CPU when he first saw it. There is a digital display on the top which displays various metrics such as input voltage, current watts being consumed from the output, % of watts consumed, minutes remaining with current battery backup and current watts.

You can also see a 5 bar battery capacity indicator and above it the load from input. In my case the input load is always at 1 point and that’s good because overload is not good 🙂

If you are wondering what’s the relationship between VA and Watts that can be consumed… the relationship is simple.

1000 VA UPS can handle upto 600 Watts.

Usually it is a factor of x0.6 but some UPS units will have lower efficiency and you multiply it by a factor of 0.5… or let us put it like this – half the VA capacity is the watts that can be consumed. Usually these details are available in the specifications sheet of the system.

Electronic Dropbox

Dropbox is basically a cloud storage service with some additional capabilities built in. You may have already heard of cloud storage services such as Amazon Cloud Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive where you can get 5GB of online storage for free and for additional space you would need to pay for it. But these services are accessible only through a browser. With Dropbox you can have up to 18GB of free storage space (Initially you get only 2GB but in the end of this article I will tell you how you can increase it up to 10GB 18GB.). These files can also be accessed online if necessary but the main highlight is that for uploading a document you just need to drag and drop the file into the Dropbox folder which will be created on your device.

Dropbox works with all major platforms – mobiles, Windows and Macs. For a guy like me using multiple computers simultaneously for various projects, this is a life saver. I can put the file into the Dropbox folder in one device and it is immediately accessible on all my devices.

How to Get 10GB 18GB of Storage

The default Dropbox account comes with only 2 GB of space but you can upgrade to 10GB 16GB by referring friends to use Dropbox. For each referral who signs up through your link, you will get 250MB 500MB extra space and the maximum you can get like that is 8GB 16GB … so your original 2GB+16GB = 18GB.

Sharing and Public Access

You can also share certain folders with friends and family. If you have a photo album which you want to share with your friend you can do it by right clicking on the folder and choosing the appropriate option from the Dropbox menu. There is another folder name public inside your Dropbox folder. You can put a file in this folder, get the URL by right clicking on it and this file can be shared with the world, even with people who do not use Dropbox. However be careful not to share copyrighted content otherwise you may be banned from the service.

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