How to Boost Your Online Video Game Streaming Experience?

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How to Boost Your Online Video Game Streaming Experience?

Streaming is more difficult than it looks. It takes more than a webcam, mic and good gaming skills to grow your audience.

There is nothing more special than to be able to make a living out of your passion. Although there is such a massive potential in game streaming, so many other people are doing it! How does it make you different?

If you are a professional gamer, you probably know the technical part like scene selection, overlays and chatbots. However, we are here to talk about the not-so-technical things such as some simple ideas and the use of gaming glasses to enhance your streaming experience

If you are new to gaming or have been doing it for a while, make sure your stream is entertaining to your viewers. If you wonder how you can make this happen, read below.

Switch to a wired connection


If you like to live stream on a WiFi connection, you might want to change it to an ethernet connection. Why? If you are using WiFi in an area where a lot of other people are using the internet from the same provider as you, the speed would be slow.

Also, your WiFi may become unresponsive due to a connectivity error or some problem in the router. This won’t help in a smooth gaming experience. An ethernet connection has far less network latency than WiFi. Even if you don’t notice the slow speed, your audience might, which is not something you would want to happen.

Know what to talk about


Entertaining people can either be easy or difficult as hell. It’s only when you are having fun streaming yourself that your audience will get the same vibe as well.

If you are in the initial phase of your game streaming journey, you must know how it feels to talk to yourself as you don’t get many viewers. But, this can be helpful as well.

When somebody stumbles upon your live stream, you only have about 7 to 8 seconds to convince them to stay. You can do something like talk to make them stick around. To practice what you should say, always talk to yourself before you talk to your viewers.

For instance, you can talk to them about what you are doing in the game. If you know a hell lot of things about your gane, impart the knowledge (in a fun way, ofcourse).

Take the conversation forward


When you are streaming, always keep an eye out for your chatbot. If someone has said “hi”, don’t simply just “hi” back. Instead, you can ask the questions like how their day is going and their opinions on your game. Whatever you say, try not to bore your viewers. You can afford to lose a game, but losing a viewer can feel much worse.

Viewers come for the game but stick for the streamer. You don’t have to be the best gamer to grow your audience. You just have to be the best streamer.

Get protective eyewear


To succeed at online game streaming, one needs to put in countless hours of practice. But, sitting for that long in front of your gaming laptop can affect your eyes. These digital screens are filled with blue light. When you get overexposed to this light, you will feel discomforts such as headaches, dry eyes and blurred vision. The solution? Blue light glasses!

These glasses have blue light coating on their lenses to protect your eyes from digital screens. Not only do they decrease the amount of blue light penetrating your eyes, they also get relief from the symptoms of digital eye strain.

You can purchase blue light glasses in the UK safely from an online store as you won’t need a prescription. You can wear them during streaming so you can stream for long hours without straining your eyes.

Lower your stream resolution

It is generally acceptable to stream at 1280 x 720 fps. If you want to increase the resolution of your screen as your CPU and internet can take that, your viewers might not be able to enjoy your high resolution stream.

If you are a partnered streamer using platforms like Twitch or Facebook gaming, your audience will be able to adjust the screen quality as per their network. But if you are not, your viewers have to watch the stream on the same resolution as yours which their internet might not be able to handle. So think about your viewers and lower the screen resolution.

The conclusion


You can make your online video game streaming a pleasant experience for both your viewers and yourself. Just know how to keep them entertained, know your game and protect your eyes. If you don’t want to spend much on blue light glasses, there are multiple online options where you can buy cheap glasses online in the UK.

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