How to Build an Outdoor Musical Wall for Kids

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How to Build an Outdoor Musical Wall for Kids

It is well known that learning through play is more than useful for kids because they tend to learn faster if they find the process interesting. After all, isn’t it the same with the adults? We also remember things faster and easier if we are not trying hard to memorize them. It is easier to remember a whole dialogue from a movie than one line from a school book.

If we react in this way, imagine how our kids must feel. It is completely normal for a child to learn more about different kinds of plants while playing outdoors than from a school book with plant pictures. At the end of the day, they are just kids, and they have to play as much as possible because that helps their psychical development.

People are constantly finding new ways to indulge and make their playtime different and fulfilling. This is how they have come up with the idea of building musical walls spotify premium pc. They knew children love music but not just listening to it. They like making it. If you have a kid, you probably know how they like to “play” with your pots or saucepans. Anything that makes sound can be interesting for them, especially during the early age. This can be annoying if performed inside the house, but it gets rather interesting (even for the adults) if the “instruments” are placed outdoors.

In this article, we will explain what musical walls are and how you can build them on your own (with the help of your kids, of course).

What Are Musical Walls?

Musical walls are usually square-shaped wooden constructions that stand in courtyards or playgrounds with many improvised instruments attached to them. The wall itself can be a piece of wood made, especially for the purpose of the music wall, or you can use your courtyard fence. You can paint it in different colors depending on the type and design of the “instruments” you will attach to the wall.

The instruments are not the real instruments that musicians play. The instruments people use for making musical walls are actually different objects you use every day in your kitchen, garage, etc. They can be new in case you want your kids to play with completely clean and unused objects, or you can use the old stuff from your house and teach your kids how to recycle.

You can take your old pots, saucepans, forks, spoons, or any other wooden, metal, glass, or plastic thing that produces any kind of sound. Take some old cans, pipes or bottles, hung them on the wall in any way you and your kids like, grab a “drumstick” and make some noise. There are no rules, and you can experiment and rearrange the instruments until you get the perfect combination that makes you all happy.

What Kinds of Musical Walls Are There and What Are They Made Of?

Actually, there are no specific kinds of musical walls. It can be any kind you want it to be. It’s important that your child likes it.

As we have previously said, musical walls usually consist of wooden panels or fences and different kinds of objects that are attached to them and used to make sounds. You can paint the wall the way you and your kids want. Also, you can paint the “instruments” in the way you want in order to make the wall more colorful and lively.

Some people prefer to use metal/aluminum objects like web hosting old pans, pots, or different kinds of cans. In this case, you have to be prepared for the specific sound these “instruments” make. We have to warn you – it will be quite metal and loud, even a bit unpleasant, especially for your neighbors.

Others use glass (old bottles, jars, etc.) as glass does make very pleasant sounds. At least it is more pleasant than the sound metal “instruments” produce.

Also, you can make your instruments from paper or plastic. People usually use these materials to make different kinds of pipes. They left the pipes open on one side so your kids can take, for example, a rubber flap and hit the pipe. It shall produce a very unusual and interesting sound.

In addition, flutes made from PVC or improvised guitars made from a piece of cardboard and a few rubber bands can be ideas to consider.

How Can You Build a Musical Wall in Your Yard?

If you add some fun to it, building a musical wall can be very easy.

First, you will have to pick a piece of your fence or get a piece of wooden panel that you can use as the actual wall. If you want to use the panel, you should consider fixing it on the bottom so the kids can’t flip it over. It has to be stable and solid.

Second, pick as many objects as you can (according to the size of the panel, of course). Decide whether you want the instruments to be wooden, metal, glass, or some other material. Of course, you can simply mix everything you can find.

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After that, buy some paint and cover your instruments with it. That way, people won’t even be able to tell that the yellow instrument is actually a bottle or that the red one used to be a pan.

The instruments have to be nicely fixed to the wall because kids love to explore things, and they can hurt themselves if something is not properly attached. You should also consider covering the screws and nails with some rubber material because you don’t want your kid’s hands to be covered with scratches.

In the end, all you have left is to grab some kind of stick and play.

Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Making Musical Walls.

We have mentioned some of these things before, but we thought it would be good to conclude the article by listing them all because your kids’ safety must be in the first place no matter what you are doing.

Whatever type of material you want to use for making the musical wall, make sure that none of the pieces has sharp edges. They all should be nicely rounded and safe for use showtimeanytime activate. Also, make sure the nails aren’t too exposed and that the instruments aren’t damaged, broken, or rusty. If they are, fix them, remove the rust and cover the surface with paint or some protective material.

The best way to have fun with your kids is when you are sure they are completely safe.

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