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How to Choose Banner Material

With new advances in PVC banner printing technology, businesses can now take advantage of cost-effective customization solutions. PVC banners are produced from high-quality vinyl that requires a minimal amount of care and upkeep. With a simple clean every two or three years, you can enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting banner without the hassle and cost associated with fabric banners.

With a variety of mesh banner printing options in place, you are sure to find just the right custom-fit solution to meet your company’s needs. From flexible solutions to custom orders tailored to your unique specifications, PVC banners are a versatile option that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They offer great durability and longevity, as well as affordability. When you factor in all of these benefits, it is easy to see why PVC banner printing is such a good option for advertisers on a budget.

Banner Printing and Material Options

Preprinted Eyelets:

As banners are often used to promote products or service features, you may wish to consider preprinted eyelets. Eyelets are generally constructed from heavy-duty vinyl with standard eyelets and strong reinforcement edges. Banners with standard eyelets are more durable and will stand up to prolonged exposure to the elements, but eyelets that have reinforced edges provide a little bit more protection. For added visual protection, printed banners with reinforced edges also feature specially designed UV-resistant ink. UK-based VC Print provides a wide range of PVC banner printing for promotional and advertisement purposes. 

Heavy-Duty 5-Mil Plastic Banner: 

The popularity of large poster printing among businesses has recently seen an upward trend. And this has opened many options for the large poster printing process. The most popular form of this printing is the heavy-duty 5-mil plastic banner. This is often ideal for indoor and outdoor advertising, as it is often used to promote events, large sales and/or special promotions. If you want highly durable banners that can withstand the elements, plastic is an excellent choice. These banners offer a wide range of printing options, and you are sure to find one that is appropriate for your advertising needs. Whether you are printing in colour or full-colour, UV coating makes a dramatic difference in the longevity of your large format advertising banners.

Mesh Banners

Another option for banner printing in the PVC format is mesh banners. Mesh banners feature lightweight materials that make them easy to transport and set up. Mesh banners are also ideal for outdoor advertising, and their durability makes them a good investment. Because of their lightweight and waterproof qualities, mesh banners can be set up quickly and easily, even in adverse weather conditions. This quality is another reason why mesh banners printing are a popular choice for indoor and outdoor banner printing.

By utilising mesh banner printing, you are able to design your advertising banners to perfection without the need for costly alterations. With the ability to produce highly durable, thin-walled banners that are virtually indestructible, businesses can benefit from a one-of-a-kind creative outlet for their advertising needs. 

Final Verdict

Whether you need simple indoor or outdoor banners for promotions, trade shows, conventions or fundraisers, a high-quality printing company such as VC Print will work with you to create custom banners that will effectively attract attention and help your business to grow. 

Your business is important to your customers, and their interest in your company will help to increase your sales. For promotions that need to attract attention, high-quality vinyl banners are an excellent choice. With proper planning, creative design and the proper materials, you will have custom banners that attract attention and help to increase your sales.

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