How To Choose the Best State Pension in Ireland

How To Choose the Best State Pension in Ireland

When it comes to retirement options, it’s always a great idea to know as much as you can about the many different plans that are available. However, your search for the best pension plan can be quite complicated and time-consuming if you don’t have the right guidance. Here’s how to find the perfect plan for you and your family!

What are the Benefits of a State Pension?

State pensions are one of the most important benefits you can receive in retirement. Here are six key benefits to know about:

1. You’ll be able to retire with peace of mind.      

2. You’ll get a higher state pension than you would if you were working.

3. Your state pension will be based on your salary when you retired, not when you started receiving it.

4. The amount of your state pension will increase as you get older, which makes it more stable over time.

5. If you die before you reach the age of 65, your state pension will continue to be paid to your loved ones until they reach the age of 70 or 75, depending on how much longer they live than you did.

6. If you’re married, your state pension will also be payable to your spouse, regardless of whether they’re alive or dead at the time your state pension is paid out.

How to Choose the Best State Pension in Ireland

If you are looking to retire in Ireland, it is important to choose the right state pension. Here is a guide on how to choose the best state pension in Ireland.

The Irish state pension is one of the most generous in Europe. It provides a monthly payment that is equal to the average salary of all workers in Ireland during the last 36 months before retirement. To qualify for the Irish state pension, you must have completed 35 years of continuous employment with at least 12 months at each job. You must also have reached age 65 or have been permanently incapacitated for at least 10 years due to a permanent health condition. The Irish state pension can be divided among multiple recipients, as long as they are dependent on you and meet other eligibility requirements.

Ireland offers a number of different state pensions, depending on your marital status, age, and earnings history. The table below shows the different state pensions available in Ireland and their corresponding monthly payments:

Married Women Single Men Single Women Age 64 or Over Age 65 or Over Age 66 or Over Pension (€) 100% 105% 110% Pension (€) 100% 108% 113% Pension (€) 100% 112% 118%

To find out how much money you would receive if you retired in Ireland based on your current income and age, use our retirement calculator [1]. Note that you will also need to factor in any contributions you have made to your pension account over the years.

Considerations When Choosing a State Pension

When it comes to retirement planning, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is which state pension to opt for. Here are some considerations when choosing a state pension in Ireland:

– Age at which you retire: The earliest you can take a state pension in Ireland is at the age of 60, while the latest is at the age of 70. If you want to maximise your benefits, it’s important to think about when you plan to retire so that you can take your state pension as early as possible.

– Income levels: If your income falls below a certain threshold (currently €19,890), then you won’t be eligible for any state pension benefits. So, it’s important to factor in your current income level when deciding on which pension scheme to opt for.

– Number of years worked: The longer you’ve been working and paying into your state pension, the higher your benefit will be. So if you’re thinking about taking early retirement or retiring later than planned, it’s important to consider how long you’ll have worked before claiming your full entitlement.

– National Insurance contributions: If you’re taking astate pension in Ireland, make sure that all of your National Insurance contributions have been paid up until now – this will affect how much money you receive from the Pension Fund on top of your regular state pension.


As we all know, retirement is something that we hope to reach one day. But before you can even think about it, you need to plan for it. And that means ensuring that you are on the right state pension scheme – or schemes – in order to receive the best possible financial settlement when you retire. In this guide, we will outline the different state pensions available in Ireland and highlight which one might be best suited for you based on your individual circumstances. So if you’re planning on retiring soon, make sure to read through this guide and decide which pension is best for you!

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