How to choose the easel for painting

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How to choose the easel for painting

How to choose the easel for painting. It is essential to choose it carefully, as it must respond to our personal needs and offer us solid and safe support for our painting sessions. The choice, however, is not easy, especially for beginners: there are various types of easels for painting, with prices that are usually not very low. That is why we must not make any mistakes when purchasing.

If you have arrived at this article, there are two possibilities: either you are trying to understand what types of easels exist, or you want to buy an easel to paint. Well, it’s your lucky day! In this section, we will explain both issues. So what is the best painting easel according to your personal needs?

What is an easel for painting?

An easel is a support used by artists to support the canvas or surface on which the painting is being done. The easel thus provides a point of support with a variable inclination, which can be decided at will by the painter. They are mostly made of wood, but you can also find them in aluminum or plastic.

An easel is a fundamental tool for any artist, mainly if you paint with oil or acrylics. It is also true that it is among the most expensive accessories, but in this article, we will explain to you why buying a good tripod is a significant investment. There are easels of various types and shapes: studio easels, country easels, lyre easels, table easels, or inclined surfaces. Read on and explain the characteristics of each of them, with their strong and weak points.

The technical characteristics of the painting easels

To choose and purchase the easel to paint that best suits your needs, it is essential to know its technical characteristics. And since we are talking about a tool designed to support your canvases or your support while you paint, you will have to consider these two essential characteristics: the material with which it is made and its degree of strength. Last but not least, the possibility of having additional accessories: is it a minimal easel, or does it have drawers or other additions?

The material

How to choose the easel for painting

In general, the easels for painting are built either in aluminum or in wood, with the latter material being the master. In most cases, the wood used is beech, which is the most suitable choice due to its high resistance, hardness, and compactness. Looking at the best models, the easels for painting represent real masterpieces of carpentry, which can be conceived – and can last over time – only through the choice of the best materials of lotus flower drawing. The high-quality easels are made with carefully selected and tested beech: only after a two-year natural seasoning do the beech boards reach the required hardness. Only then can they be used to manufacture an excellent painting easel.

Robustness and ease of use

Sturdiness, stability, and ease of use are essential in a tripod. The easel must firmly plant on its legs, and it must not wobble when we approach it or pass the brush on the canvas, and, above all, it must be able to support the weight of the canvas without the risk of falling or closing.

Another fundamental point is the ease of use: there are some easels, such as the studio ones, which will probably be mounted only once and will remain in the same place for many years. They are excellent and a little more complicated to assemble, but this is a direct consequence of their solidity. The easels for the countryside or outdoor painting are instead assembled and disassembled frequently. For this reason, they are easier to use, although more subject to wear.

Additional accessories

The easel represents the fundamental part of your painting station. Maybe you need support for your canvas, but in other cases, the easels can offer you different advantages too: drawers where you can store the colors or place the thinners, wheels to be moved easily, and almost infinite adjustments, through them which you can even put them horizontally. In short, even about additional accessories, there is a world to discover!

The painting easels for the study

The studio easels are designed to be placed in the beautiful center of an artist’s studio or atelier: this is undoubtedly the most solid, the most resistant, and the most spacious of the painting easels, and therefore it is no coincidence. If he is also the most requested among experienced and experienced painters. This type of tripod is designed to be placed in a fixed place and is usually not very practical to be carried around. At most, some models are equipped with wheels, to be moved from one part of the studio to the other without effort, perhaps in search of the best light to paint with satisfaction.

How studio easels are made

The studio easels are made with two solid vertical wooden rods, which can title at will. In most cases, they are equipped with practical boxes for storing brushes and colors and, sometimes, with additional shelves on which to place the tools in progress. The dimensions of these easels are generally such as to accommodate even the most enormous canvases, an opportunity that is also made possible by the extreme stability of the station.

Who should choose a studio tripod?

So, who should choose a fixed painting easel, and therefore a studio easel? Well, this is the perfect tool for those who love to paint between four walls, in the tranquility of their home or atelier, without possible disturbances, and with all the colors, brushes, and auxiliaries at hand. Studio easels are also ideal for those who want to paint large canvases, which cannot be assumed in more miniature and less solid easels.

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