How To Choose The Right Pearl Necklace?

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How To Choose The Right Pearl Necklace?

Pearls are one of the rare beauties mother nature has gifted us. Unlike gold, silver or diamond, pearls are given birth by living creatures like molluscs. They are precious and delicate gems that take lots of time to develop and gain the beauty that we all admire. Naturally, the beauty of pearls attracts many and pearl jewellery market has been flourishing since middle ages. It has been the pride of royalties in the ancient ages and the charm of the contemporary world’s woman. Having a pearl necklace set in your collection is a given for women across the globe. If you too are on your journey to find the right pearl necklace for yourself or your loved one, then this guide would help you:

Grading of pearl necklaces

There are seven value factors in grading of pearls which are- size, shape, color, lustre, surface quality, nacre quality and matching. All of these factors are highly subjective and their grading would differ from one jeweller to another. One jeweller might right a particular pearl is grade AAA (which is the highest) but the same pearl is not guaranteed to earn the same rating by other jewellers. The reason behind this is subjectiveness and priority of factors. Unlike diamonds, there is no set scale of grading for pearls, so if you are going to shop for your pearl necklace set online then going by reputation of the dealer would be more beneficial. Reputation of a jewellers or pearl dealer can tell you about the quality of pearls they deal with on an overall basis. It will also help you understand the type and style of pearls you will find at their store.

Type of pearls

There are majorly two types of pearls- natural and cultured. Natural pearls are the ones you have been reading about n fairy-tale and stories. The ones that are found inside the shells of oysters and mollusc which take years to form. They are really rare to find and are thus, very expensive. On the other hand, cultured pearls are cultivated on farm by farmers raising molluscs and instigating them to make pearls inside them. As this is a more systematic and large-scale organised production, it is comparatively much cheaper than the natural pearls. 98% of the pearls you see in any jewellery store are cultured pearls. They are not too cheap but they are also not insanely expensive. Furthermore, cultured pearls are stronger and firmer in comparison to natural pearls which are way too delicate to use in day-to-day life.

Pearl knotting

Pearl knotting is an approach in which the strands of pearl necklaces are knotted after every pearl. This prevents friction amongst the pearls and prevents the necklace from breaking. This will also make your necklace more durable for usage.

With the help of these tips, you can also get the perfect type of pearl necklace for yourself. It is never too late to add beauty to your collection.

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