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Ramadan is holy and the most sacred of Islam. All the Muslims fast during these 30 days to give a sample of faith and maintain their belief in Allah Almighty. Ramazan is the month in which the Prophet received the revelations of the Quran is the sacred book of Islam. During Ramazan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset, and fasting is one of the essential fundamentals of Islam. During fasting, you are not allowed to drink or eat. You also have to control your desires and keep your thoughts pure. However, fasting is not the only thing you have to perform during the day. While you are fasting, you have to offer prayer and recite the Quran, which gives a lot of benefits. There are so many annual Ramadan Quran competitions held all over the world.

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Benefits of the Competition 

The holy month of Ramadan brings many benefits for the Muslims; the importance of the competition shows so many things as they get a lot of people together to recite the Quran and have unity among them. This kind of competition enhances the will to read the Quran perfectly and compete on the best level. The rival forces many people to compete to give them a hundred people that way, so many people learn the Quran. The participation will be showing all the positivity only. This improves the literacy about the Quran and offers all the memorization in the Quran.

Importance of the competition 

The Quran has a unique way of allowing all the behavior of people, the importance of the competition shows in a way that people will learn the Quran with their own will. In this way, so many people will end up memorizing the Quran perfectly with pure intentions. This increases the ratio of young people in reciting, learning, and remembering the holy book of Islam. This has also maintained the unity in match factor in Muslims worldwide. Also, this has been pointed out perfectly to maintain brotherhood and equality among everyone. Get the idea from the Quran Reading Course.

Online websites that hold the competition

During Ramadan, there are so many online websites that organize the annual competition of Quran. They announced their rules and regulations. They provide the chance to everyone who is interested all over the world to join the competition. This has a lot of benefits as well. They have a form to fill out if you want to enter. However, they have grand prizes to cheer up the competitors; the annual awards go from highest to lowest according to the winners. Websites like Al-Quran, Iqra Quran network, Al-Madinah school have introduced their first competition plan. 

Why are Quran competitions important? 

The Quran competition ensures equality and brotherhood among all the competing people. This brought all positive changes to the participants and helped them learn, read and understand the Quran. This is a great and pure activity during the month of Ramadan for people all over the world. This competition has a unique capacity to work out all the responsibilities. In the sacred month of Ramadan, reading the Quran and competing in it has the most beneficial deeds.


In final words, the Quran competition has a lot of benefits. It brings all the young youth on one platform to compete in such beneficial things. It promotes brotherhood and equality among everyone. The holy month of Ramadan has its specialty too. Numerous online websites offer online annual Quran competitions for people from all over the world. Also, they have prizes for every winner in the category. This helps youngsters memorize the Quran with all of their heart and interest in it, which is so important.

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