One particular step-by-step tutorial on how to build a shiplap electric fireplace on a blank and boring wall! This can be a second time coming from creating a custom center point in a space with the help of an electric fireplace put. Both times have been around in our basement(s) now I want to keep increasing the number of these modern fireplaces around the house!

We used IKEA cubby products to store all of our game titles along that wall membrane.

Because we have all the new storage in the news wall, we didn’t need these cubbies anymore. Additionally, as our kid ages he will not need all the toy storage, smell. Read How safe are wall mounted electric fireplace?

I LIKED those long DO IT YOURSELF wood picture ledges, but I came up with a strategy to keep them and the fireside!

Following removing everything, the first step was to build out and about the wall, the fireside would be installed into.

The first time we did this makeover was at our last basement lounge room — there was an alcove from your bay window 2nd floor that was the perfect spot. Discover how I installed that stacked natural stone on the fireside surround. We liked it so much, particularly in the basement that had not been quite as warm as the relaxation of the house.

We planned to do something similar in this house — we were bummed when the insert we had in mind didn’t fit between the bench and the TV on the entertainment wall My partner and I built. I’ve recently been talking with the Touchstone electric open fireplace insert company since that DIY job.

When that location didn’t work out and about I told them I was planning to figure out a new place for the open fireplace somewhere down there.

Touchstone offers both built-in and wall-mounted fireplaces in various measurements, so we acquired quite a few options!

We played out around locations over the earlier year and eventually decided on this game storage wall membrane. This was helpful because we timetabled the contractor’s previous minute eventually when we didn’t have an actual fireplace accessible. I got help with the mounting part of the build because this is in the basement and we needed to be capable of securing the frames into the cement floor.

Mainly because of the treatment I got done on the exterior of the fireplace, My partner and I didn’t have to mud or strap the drywall. Typically the depth of the fireplace wall is up to you — because the heat arises from the front of the electric insert, you won’t desire a load of room powering the unit. Help make sure the location for your open fireplace insert is presented out with 2x4s so that it can support the fireplace firmly.

There was already an electrical wall socket on the wall membrane, but we acquired an electrician adding accent lighting so he located an outlet privately as well. We picked out the AudioFlare dark-colored glass electric open fireplace because we liked the long, modern design.

It is about with both clear crystals and the more traditional “wood” option.

They can be easy to move out and the fireplace installation was incredibly fast!

Many of us slid it into the 2×4 frame and then secured it with screws through openings on the edges of the fireside frame. You can leave the fireplace in as you finish up, or take it back again out. It’s simple to remove and install again.

Next up was deciding on the design details. Due to the fact this fireplace device is long and modern, I desired to keep things as easy as possible.

My first plan was to do stained shiplap, nevertheless, I noticed how expensive spot grade plywood was, so I switched instructions. I selected my tried and true inexpensive shiplap option instead. I’ve used this for wall treatments SO many times over the years, also it always comes out looking great!

You can have the pieces of luan reduced down at the hardware store. We went thicker this time — each one is about five inches broad. I took a flat sanding cloth or sponge and wrapped it around the sides to knock down the splinters and rough spots:

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