How to dress for graduation in the best manners.

dress for graduation

Graduation is a very important time, both for the graduate’s family and for himself.

It usually brings together friends, family and acquaintances in an act full of symbolism and emotions where the dress is one of the main protagonists.

If the center does not mark the dress code rules, here are some protocol tips to choose the right graduation dresses for this occasion.

Before giving you some ideas about the type of dress you should choose for this event, we have to remember a few basic rules:

1.- The type of climate determines the type of dress and fabric that we will choose. For this reason, look for the dress not only adapted to your physique but also to the weather, season of the year  (more than anything because of the temperature it can do, which is useless to go with linen in January or with corduroy in the middle of August)  and place  (tent in the country, restaurant in the city … we must blend in with the environment)

2.- When we are already clear that we neither want to be cold nor hot. It is very important to choose the suit or dress according to our physiognomy . Always remember that a good choice of wardrobe can hide our defects and accentuate our virtues.

3.- Surely family or friends will accompany you to choose the suit, pay attention to them, they want to advise you , but remember that you are the one who has to feel comfortable with the chosen dress or suit.

4.- Graduation is not a fashion show or a red carpet , so be careful with mini skirts, long dresses, platform shoes, sophisticated hairstyles and excessive makeup.

Graduation dresses for graduates

Long or Midi Dress

The midi dresses are one of the best options for this occasion. Whether the graduation is during the day or in the afternoon / evening . We can choose dresses with flowing or printed fabrics and simple lines.

Be careful with the neckline , both the front and back necklines  must be discreet.  In these types of activities, without a doubt, a pronounced neckline would look out of place. Therefore it is better if you choose dresses with a halter neck or boat.

Pants or Skirt

Sets with pants are a good option, if you like to be comfortable. Opt for tailored suits with palazzo pants, pleated or straight and add a nice blouse. If you find it a bit bland, play with the accessories, a good pair of shoes or a bag can make a difference.

Skirts well combined with a jacket or coat are a good choice. Straight or bell-cut skirts or A-line are perfect, also if you add a blouse or a lace top, satin and a nice accessory, it will be a very chic look for the occasion.


It is preferable that you resort to flat shoes rather than getting on heels,  which you are not used to .

Afternoon / evening graduation

Whether it is an afternoon / evening or daytime graduation, the dress can be the same, without the need to vary, always avoiding long , ostentatious and too bright dresses .

You can dress in dresses in shades a little darker and a fabric like silk or chiffon, but nothing flashy or too flashy.

As for the shoes you can wear, if you wish, shoes with a higher heel , but no glitter or rhinestones.

However, the fact of being the companion allows you to wear a suit or look a little more relaxed, always being faithful to your style and taking into account that surely after graduation you will attend a dinner or party.

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