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Lastly, a window tint could help keep your car cooler, since it prevents sunlight from entering in. When you do not get a window tint, the seats and the wheel can annoyingly hot, especially during warmer weather. Granted, there are some that try to solve this problem through special windshield shades, but the problem with these is that you have to remember to put them up each time you plan on not using your car. If you are in a rush, you may not want to spend an extra couple of minutes getting that together. Yet, with a window tint, nothing needs to be done ever. You can leave the car as soon as you can, and not have to worry about whether or not you’ll have to sit in a hot seat when you get back.

The same is true if someone tries to break into your car. Firstly, the film makes it difficult, if not impossible for possible thieves to see valuables inside your car. But if they should try and break in, the tint will hold shattered glass in place. It also takes much longer to break into a car with window tinting, giving other security services time to kick in such as alarms and on-street CCTV.

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One of the biggest myths in the window tint industry is that having dark tinted windows will impede your ability to drive at night. While this is certainly a possibility if one disobeyed the law and placed dark limo tint on every window, it is not true if the tint is applied properly. In most states in the U.S. you can only have the darkest window tint on the rear windows. The scrap yard nearby is applied to reduce glare and will not interfere with your night driving ability.

The tint not only deflects the light and heat, but it also blocks some ultraviolet light that comes through, which can be damaging to your skin. Sitting in front of an unprotected window, even f you are inside, can expose you to those harmful ultraviolet rays. But, sitting in front of a tinted window allows you to relax with no harmful side effects.

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For a 2 door car, most people get the side windows and back window done. This will normally run around $150 or so depending on the area. If you have many defroster lines in the back it could be more. Overall this is a good investment for your car and the price is reasonable.

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