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Boost your restaurant’s brand. Keeping up with current and popular restaurant food trends will help you put your business on the radar. If you want to start getting more orders, here are a few ideas to help you.

Use Social Media

Are you on social media? If you aren’t, then you’re missing out on a lot of marketing potential. Social media platforms offer you a way to communicate with your customers, build your online presence, and get more customers. With the way COVID-19 is changing the business environment on many fronts, social media has now become more critical than ever in helping restaurants reach out to their target market.

Check Out the Competition

Find out what your competition is doing. Are they succeeding? Are your competitors leaving you in the dust? Evaluate their marketing campaigns and strategies. Find out what they’re doing right. That can help you pinpoint the weaknesses in your marketing plans and efforts.

Optimize for Mobile

Sixty percent of all web traffic now comes from mobile phones. With mobile phone consumption set to grow more in the years to come, your pages must be optimized for mobile. If they’re not, then you’re losing a lot of potential customers. Your ads might get them to click on your links and find their way to your pages. But if your pages don’t provide them with a beautiful shopping or navigational experience, they’re bound to leave. They might not even get to see what your site is about.

Invest in a POS System

An excellent POS system can do a lot to streamline your processes. When you shop for one, choose a POS solution that comes with built-in loyalty programs. That will make it easier to make customer accounts, keep an eye on your spending, and how to automate rewards to ensure cut down on the time and effort you spend on these processes. Other POS options also come with features that allow your customers to sign up for your newsletters, content, or other promotional offers while some have built-in tools to source emails from your customers.

Hold Events

Everyone loves to win. Running contests and giving out rewards are another excellent way to get your restaurant to trend. You can set free meals or gift cards as some of the prizes for your contests. These can generate more publicity for your business, allowing you to attract a lot of customers along the way.

Accept Online Reservations

Are you still doing some things old school? If you even only accept reservations through phone, start changing the way you do business. It’s time to adapt. Learn how to take bookings online. Also, if you’ve never provided your customers with takeout options before, it’s time to rethink that decision. By learning how to move with the times and adapt, finding better ways to serve your customers, getting your business to trend, and deliver what they need is possible in a time when everyone is set on finding out what the new normal is.

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