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Winter is a period of cold time when everyone wants to insulate your home as much as possible. Of course this can be done using chimney sweeping, roof inspection or turning off outdoor faucets but one more way, which can help you, it is window covering.

For example, it can be day night blinds, insulated curtains, plantation shutters and others options. Everyone can compare cons and pros of these windows covering and choose the best option for yourself.

In this article, we will describe seven different covers to keep you home warmer during the winter season.

First type of window covering – day night blinds

Although this type of blinds is not meant to warm up your house they certainly help a lot considering the fact that you can leave your windows without any covers. Due to the fact that day night blinds have two layers, it is an ideal way of insulating the home.

The ability to trap and retain warm air between day and night layers makes it effective and in that way, it reduces your energy bills because these types of curtains retain the heat during winter.

Second – rolled blinds

They are considerably diverse when taking into account the possibilities. This type of curtains certainly has an option to be insolation but it also provides an option to get rid of them for some time.

By rolling it up you may have an option to open a window properly or during summertime have some fresh air in.  But despite that they are also capable of isolating cold air coming in when rolling the blinds down. In most cases people purchase these curtains as night blinds but it doesn’t mean they are not isolating.

Third – roman shades

If you are looking for a diverse window covering which has both – aesthetics and insolation roman shades is a way to go. In most cases, they are made of thick material and sealed edges make warm air stay.

Some of them even have shades with a thermal backing which creates a cozy and soft feel with the desired tempera.

Fourth – Insulated Curtains

In most cases insulated curtains are made of a really thick material and have multiple layers. Those are considered night blinds which are perfect for holding icy weather where it belongs to – outside. Despite the insolation of your windows this type of curtains may help you save quite a bit of money.

These lined curtains are meant for holding warm air inside and it also reduces pressure on your HVAC system. Some of them even have a magnetic strip sewn into edges to keep them close together with the window.  In that way create a tighter space between a window frame and curtains.

Fifth – plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are pretty similar to solar blinds with the option of absorbing sunlight and converting it to interior radiant heat. These shutters in most cases are thicker and when the temperature drops it may be an effective solution.

However, they do have far fewer gaps because they are installed much closer to the window frame. In most cases there are two types of plantation shutters. Vinyl and wooden shutters.

Both of them are equally energy efficient but wooden ones would be more natural than vinyl but of course it depends on the interior as well.

Sixth – solar blinds

It is best described as a shield for ultraviolet (UV) rays. But did you know that these blinds can act as a filter of UV as well as generate heat?

By placing solar blinds at 180 degrees acts as a passive solar collector and heats up the environment when the sun is up. It absorbs sunlight and converts it into interior radiant heat. A great option if your house receives plenty of sunlight.

Seventh – cellular shades

These types of blinds are considered one of the most energy-efficient window treatments. They not only hold the heat during winter but also the summer season. They are also known as honeycomb shades, this type of design called that. It creates an air pocket between the window glass and inside of the house.

It prevents heat from escaping. These curtains not only create insolation but also make your house much cozier. The variety is not that board but you may pick between single and double cell variants.

We do advise you to go with the second option to keep your house a bit more cost-efficient.

All in all
Although as mentioned before all of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages you may pick the best choice for yourself. By considering the place you are planning to install blinds, shutters or curtains have proper sunlight, do winters are really cold and how the interior will look like to avoid unaesthetic appeals.

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