How to Improve Online Learning?


Online learning is always beneficial for those who cannot afford to study in a university or those who work and want to study with their job as well. But online learning still needs improvement to keep the quality of education at its best. Here are some ways that can help to improve online Quran learning.

By Building a Connection with the Student

If a student and teacher have a good connection between them, then and only then the study would become effective. By having a strong connection of a student and a teacher, the bond between them would get stronger as well. And directly the student would take interest in studies.

By doing so, the student will start getting good grades in studies and the quality of the studies would start to improve. You may also like to learn about the Quran.

By Motivating the Student

Motivation is very important as it encourages the student to do better in studies. Motivation is a key towards getting good grades. So, if a tutor starts motivating the student by giving them small compliments and this would be of great help.

It is always best if the teacher motivates the student.

By Identifying Struggling Students

Every teacher is tutoring a bunch of students and every student is different. All of them have different interests and liking. Some students are exceptional than others and they need a little more attention than other students.

So, the tutor needs to point them out and give them a little more of their time and some extra attention and that will help these types of students a lot.

Review the Scores and Progress

When you are teaching online, one of the best methods to improve online learning to check the progress of the students and see which students are doing good and which needs to improve. By doing so, you would maintain a balance.

Students needs to be checked out and it tells you a lot about them and you get to know in which department they are getting good grades and in which department they need a little more effort to jump onto a better grade.

Regular feedbacks

When you are teaching students online, always give them a survey of feedback questionnaire in which you ask a lot of questions about your feedback and you should also put a suggestions box at the end of the survey. In that box students will suggest the things they want and it would help you out in understanding your students a lot and you can also do amendments.

This would automatically boost the quality of online learning. So, you should keep asking for feedbacks from your students.

Arrange Different Activities

Arranging different educational activities is one of the best ways to keep the attention of the students toward studies. Students love different cocurricular activities and they like to participate in them as well.

Arranging different activities increases the quality of education as both of them have a direct relation. For instance, you can arrange different educational games tournament like word quiz and create a competition between students. All of them would participate and they would learn as well.


There is nothing such as perfection in this world, the improvement of margin is required in every field. So, online learning requires improvement too. There are some ways that needs to be employed in order to improve the quality of online education.

Above mentioned methods are the ways that assists in improving the quality of online education. So, if you are teaching online then you should definitely apply these steps or ways and your student’s will get good grades. 

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