How to Improve the Security of Your IOT Network Using SSL certificates?

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How to Improve the Security of Your IOT Network Using SSL certificates?

IOT is transforming the way in which enterprises are generating enormous amounts of data through connected devices for streamlining their business operations and improving overall efficiency.

On the other hand, companies involved in manufacturing of these IOT devices are facing increasing cyber threats from hackers making it essential to boost security for these devices.

With the growth of IOT, networks are expanding and becoming more powerful where maintaining privacy and integrity of data is key for all enterprises.

The best security practices rely on strong credentials for trusting devices to enable secure communication among connected devices.

To do so, having SSL certificates can guarantee high level of data encryption for users and secure communications within IOT networks. Even, a free SSL certificate can be a great start to encrypt communication.

You can easily get free SSL certificate in the SSL industry and one of the famous names is where you can fulfill your SSL certificate request. You will get same SSL certificate as you directly purchase from certificate authority.

 What is IOT and how do they work?

IOT is a system of billions of devices or things connected through the Internet using wireless networks such as smart or connected homes, medical devices which may be implanted inside the body etc.

As per reports by Ericsson, there will be 25 billion connected devices in the world by 2024 which includes connected cars, robots, traffic systems, shipping containers and things beyond our imagination.

They comprise of sensors and mini processors thatrely on the data collected viasensors through machine learning. These web enabled devices collect and send data as well as act on the data acquired from the surroundings through embedded sensors, communication hardware along with processors.

These connected devices can interact with other related devices using machine to machine communication and act on the information which is received by each other.

There is massive amounts of data and Internet traffic generated through these connected devices that may be mined for different purposes and provides access to real time information.

IOT devices are minicomputers which are prone to hacking and malware andcollect data from the surroundings making themextremely smart and efficient.

 Key features of IOT

  • Intelligence

IOT is an amalgamation of software, hardware along with algorithms and computation which makes it smart. The ambient intelligence in IOT enhances its capabilities that allows it to respond in an intelligent manner to a specific situation and assists them in managing different tasks.

  • Connectivity

Connectivity brings together everyday objects and empowers the IOT by providing network accessibility and ensuring compatibility among things. This connectivity enables new market opportunities with networking of smart objects and applications.

  • Heterogeneity

The devices in IOT use different networks and platforms that have the ability to communicate with other platforms and devices across various networks. The IOT architecture must be able to provide direct network connectivity among heterogenous networks.

  • Sensing

IOT devices rely on sensors without which it may be impossible to detect changes in the environment for data generation to provide report on the status or communicate with the environment.

What is SSL certificate and why is it required?

SSL certificate is a digital certificate that provides authentication to the identity of the website by encrypting information which is transitedbetween the browser and the server using SSL protocol. SSL certificate helps in securing sensitive information across computer networks to ensure data security and privacy of information.

SSL certificate comprises of the certificate holder’s name, serial number, date of expiry, copy of the certificate holder’s public key along with the digital signature of the certificate issuing authority.

SSL certificates are critical forwebsite security and required for every business with online presence which allows having a secure connection to the server ensuring that your information is transmitted safely. Also,Google improves search engine ranking for websites that have SSL certificate as HTTPS is a key SEO ranking factor.

SSL helps to encrypt all the sensitive information which is transferred among two computers from the computer to the server. This information could be in the form of credit card details, bank account number, passwords and any other financial information.

Websites with SSL certificates can help in improving the user experience which can increase the conversion rates and boost your ROI. In addition, customers trust websites with SSL as they are confident of making purchases on your site and sharing their personal information.

Moreover, it helps in building your brand reputation and boosting your online presence amidst competitors in the market.


SSL certificates may be used for improving the security, identity and data integrity of websites but in addition they may be also used for enhancing the security of IOT devices. SSL makes use of asymmetric encryption for securing data which is shared among two devices on the same network.

Thus, a website will send out SSL certificate to the user’s browser to be signed by a trusted provider. SSL certificates are also used by large companies for authenticating the customers and providing secure access to database.

IOT device may be assigned a publicly trusted SSL certificate enabling users to connect through smartphone or another device similar to a secure website.

On the other hand, IOT device may request a client certificate from the user’s device for performing specific tasks. Regardless of the type of SSL validation used, once the exchange of certificate take place, the connection between the IOT networks and the other device remains encrypted which prevents sensitive information from being intercepted by hackers.


IOT provides huge opportunities for businesses in key areas of business but developers continue to face new challenges to ensure that their applications are secure due to the sensitive nature of the data.

With security breaches on increase, adoption of SSL will become a common protocol in the coming years as far as security of IOT devices is concerneddue to its scalability that offers protections against cyber-attacks.

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