Do Medicines Really Increase the Size For Men?

Do Medicines Really Increase the Size For Men?

There are several ads that are shown on the internet for penile enlargement pills, devices and medicines. Every company claims that their medicine to increase penis size is best and does not have any side effects. People who do not want any surgical way to improve their penile length opt for medicinal treatments. But choosing the best treatment that suits your body and does not have any adverse outcome is very important.

By choosing the right medicine to increase penis size, you can get rid of the ideal size without compromising your health as well. In such an online store that offers the best medicines for penile enlargement treatment under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in Jaipur. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a renowned sexologist in Jaipur and the owner of the all-in-one male sexual health clinic in IASH, Jaipur. The clinic offers all types of sexual dysfunction treatment- medicinal and surgical-to ideal penis size. 

Penile Length: What’s the ideal size and what’s not? 

Having a fear that you might not have the ideal penile length necessary to satisfy your partner during a sexual act is quite normal. And that’s why you need to understand what the ideal penis size is. 

Studies show that the ideal length of a non-erect penis is different from the size of an erect one. Dr. Chirag Bhandari has said that- the average size of a penis when flaccid should be around 3-4 inches and 5-6 inches when it is erected. 

So, if your size penis size is less than 3 inches, then you need medicine to improve your penile length. As without that size, you cannot satisfy your partner during sexual intercourse. 

Who can take the medicines for improving their penis size?

People who have a penile length of less than 3 inches can take these medicines to increase the size. The medication works in a non-invasive manner and gives positive results without harming the body. 

People who cannot achieve pleasurable sexual timings with their partners can also use these medicines to gain pleasure. 

Medicines to Increase Penis Size available online 

With the help of advancement in the medical field, now it is possible to buy all types of sexual medicine online. With reliable sources and FDA recommendations, people sell medicine online that are 100% genuine and safe to use. 

Here are some of the best medicines in the market available online that any person who wants ideal penile length can buy:

1. Korena Red Ginseng 

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is a natural hub that the Chinese have used for thousands of years as a traditional herb. This nature-based medicine helps in restoring and enhancing the sexual well-being of a person. Korean Red improved the central nervous system, metabolism, and cardiovascular system as well. 

In Short, the medicine has an overall positive impact that promotes penile length. The pack of 30 sachets comes with a price of Rs. 2900/-. This medicine is the answer to the question “How to increase penis size in Ayurveda”.

2. Enlargement Pack 

Enlargement Pack

It’s special enlargement pack will help you enhance your length in a non-invasive and effective way. This pack consists of various medicines and a device that creates a strong impact on the body when taken together. 

The pack consists of: 

  • Andropenis (A medical device for enlarging the penis)
  • Medicines based on prescription. 
  • One consultation by an sexologist. 
  • And an instruction guide over how to take medicine and use the device.

One pack of Rs. 9499/- lasts for three months.

3. Virility Ultra Pack  

Virility Ultra Pack

People who want to improve their sexual performance using a safe, medically tested, and evidence-based method can buy this Virility ultra pack. This special pack will help you last longer in bed by enhancing your erections.  

Daily consumption of this pack will help you get the gland’s ideal length painlessly and effectively. The package consists of :

  • All medicines with prescription 
  • Sexual health supplements 
  • One Consultation by Sexologist 
  • A guide on how to take medicines regularly.

Price: Rs. 2299/-. 

Andropenis- An alternative for ” Medicine to Increase Penis Size”

Andropenis- An alternative for " Medicine to Increase Penis Size"

A special device that helps in improving penile length most painlessly and effectively is Andropenis. A famous and patented penile extraction device that will increase your penile size available.

Using this device is very helpful and comfortable at the same time as it has an Androcomfort band that spreads out the pressure over a more extensive area than a man feels on the glans. Any person can quickly wear this device for more than 8 hours a day without any discomfort. 

The device comes at a price of Rs. 8500/-

Do Premature Ejaculation medicine really work?

People nowadays are shifting to medicinal treatment for penile enlargement as it is more effective, less painful, and does not require any visit to a sexologist. But not every time, every person can see significant results by medicines only. And when medications do not show accurate results on penile enlargement, you can always go for surgery. 

People also ask “How to increase penile size with coconut oil” and the answer is that you have to apply the oil on a regular basis and massage the genital part with it.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur for Penile Enlargement Treatment 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is a very popular name in the last of Jaipur’s best sexologists and male sexual health experts. Dr. Chirag has extensive knowledge on how to improve penis size using the latest technology and methods. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur for Penile Enlargement Treatment

He uses Girth Enlargement, Lengthening, and Glans Enlargement methods that are the most effective treatments in India for penile enlargement. Dr. Chirag has various international and national training experience in surgeries like Penile Prosthetic and Shockwave Therapy with a success rate of more than 97%. 

Choose the right penile enlargement treatment and get the ideal length for your penis in the most effective way. 

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