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How to Launch Podcast on a Budget

As popular as the podcasting has become in the last five years, with a 175% increase in listenership and over 90million monthly listeners in the United States alone, so also has the industry become a lucrative business;  however, podcasting remains a cost-intensive industry, such that, to make any serious headways any intending podcaster must be willing to shell out some USD in the process.

As a business owner, leveraging on podcasting to reach the growing audience in the industry may be an excellent way to scale and expand your business via content marketing. Luckily for you, you do not need to be a technologically savvy person to learn or start your Podcast. This article is a comprehensive guide that’ll get you started on podcasting; hear you also learn to get the best out of your channel while also minimising cost.

To start your Podcast, the following are the essential things you need;
  • Design a logo, artwork, flyer which exclusively represent your brand.
  • A catchy description of your Podcast
  • A microphone
  • A host for your files (the most popular podcast file host include, Captivate, Castos, or Libsyn)
  • Record and edit your files; editing is essential to give your sound clarity and make you look professional while at it.
  • Learn to syndicate your audio files into RSS feed to be distributed through platforms like Apple Podcast so that users can stream from ay device.
The most popular podcast platforms in 2020 are:
  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Transistor
  3. Castos
  4. Simplecast
  5. Podbean
  6. Captivate

Equipment you need to kick start your Podcast

To create your podcast starter kit, you will need to have:
  • A high-quality podcast microphone
  • Sound-recording software
  • A call-recording software
  • Podcast equipment to improve sound quality

Can you start your Podcast for free?

Just like Blogging, you can start your Podcast without spending a dime, as there are free Podcast hosting platforms such as Google Podcast, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Podcast hosting

Regardless of if you already own your website and web host, you must buy a separate hosting for your Podcast (audio files) because shared web hosts do not have enough bandwidth or speed to handle the demands that streaming Adios/MP3s require.

According to, podcast hosts, are highly affordable and the following are some of the few I would recommend, primarily due to the quality of service they provide.

Libsyn – hosting your Podcast with them starts t around $5 per month for 50MB worth of disc space and unlimited bandwidth to handle any traffic.

Blubrry – hosting on Blubrry platform goes for $12 per month for 100MB worth of space and unlimited bandwidth.

When deciding what hosting plan to go for, you must, first of all, decide how man episodes you will be publishing every month. For instance, if you are releasing one episode every week, that’s the average of four episodes in four weeks. If each episode is about 60 minutes, that’s the average of 50MB per episode, meaning; you’ll be needing at least 200MB of space every month; therefore, and you may be required to subscribe to any of the intermediate hosting plans. However, this is just an example; it doesn’t mean you won’t need more or less. The first hurdle is to discover what works for you and proceed from there.

How to edit your podcasts

Editing your Podcast is also another essential aspect of your life as a podcaster. And if you don’t know how to, you should learn how to edit appropriately. Some of the most popular editing software includes Audacity, GarageBand, and Adobe Audition, etc. Editing allows you to add intro and outro, correct, or cut out any mistakes you might have made while recording. Generally, editing helps clean up your work and gives it a professional look or sound.

How to record a Podcast on a budget

To get started on the recording, all you have to do is plug in your microphone into your computer using the USB port, open the recording software, loudtronix, and start recording. There is no technical or special requirement; it is merely for you to plug in, press record, and talk away. Podcasting is now so easy that you do not need to stop or start all over after every mistake, because, with the latest editing software, you can always edit and clean up our recording when you finish with recording.

Recording your Podcast with your iPhone

You can record your Podcast using your iPhone; this is because iPhones come with an in-built microphone. All you need to record your audio and bring your Podcast to life is available on your iPhone; however, the audio may sound as professional as you want it to be.

With the help of hosting services like Soundcloud and Podbean, Anchor, Spreaker, and iRing Recorder, you can solve the problem of recording.

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