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how to make a google conference call

Making a conference call is considered as effective as face to face communication, therefore; Conference calling for business groups has become the need of the hour especially in these difficult times when you’re unable to travel as the whole country is in lockdown state due to the Coronavirus disease.

However, remember that, before starting with the process of how you can make a Google Voice Conference call, you need to have a Gmail Account and a Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet with Google Voice App installed; also along with these a Google voice number.

And, in case you don’t have a Gmail account, simply sign up for it from the Gmail official website by simply entering your personal details like your phone number, a unique username, and a password as well. Then, after having a Gmail account, you can easily get yourself registered at the ‘Google Voice Sign-up’ page to get a Google Voice number for yourself.

That’s it! You’re now ready to initiate the process of making a Google Voice call with the help of performing the below-given steps:

  • To start with the process, simply go to the ‘Google Voice’ website and choose either “For Personal Use” or “For business” option.
  • Then from the ‘Android, iOS, Web’ option, choose the ‘Web’ option.
  • After that, hit the ‘Continue’ button to agree with Google Voice T&C.
  • Now, on the next window, enter your area code in order to get yourself a unique Google Voice number of that particular area.
  • Once you get it, click on the ‘Select’ button to select your unique Google Voice number, and then you’ve to verify your existing phone number simply by clicking the ‘Verify’ button.
  • Afterward, you’ve to link a phone number to your Google Voice account so that all your incoming calls will get directed on that number only. To do so, click on ‘Send code.’
  • Then, once you get it, enter it and click on the ‘Verify’ button to simply confirm your number.
  • Now, click on the ‘Finish’ button to end the Google Voice setup process and then open your Google Voice account in order to make a conference call.
  • For that, decide a time in advance and asked your other conference participants to call on your Google Voice number, or either you call them on the pre-decided time.
  • Then, once your other contacts start calling you one by one, answer anyone’s call and afterward press 5 to further add other participants for the conference.
  • That’s it! This is how you can simply make a conference call using Google Voice.

Also, let me also enlighten you with the fact that, using the free version of Google Voice Conference call account, you can add up to a total of 10 participants whereas with Google Voice paid version, you can as many as 25 people on your conference call.

However, if you want to add more than that you can simply use the ‘Google Hangout’ option as with it, you can add a maximum of 250 people together on a video conference call or on a regular call as well. That’s all Google Voice Conference call tool and how you can make a conference call using it!


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