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WiFi router

Wi-Fi connections can be tricky. One second you are using a perfectly fine connection and the other second it gets distorted. The seemingly unreliable nature of Wi-Fi networks can be affected by many factors that can influence performance.

Physical distance:

The physical distance can affect the performance of the Wi-Fi. Routers do not have the same transmitting power as cell towers. The ones that are cheap do not cover a large area or even an entire house. There are a lot of Wi-Fi analyzer apps that can determine the reach of your connection. You can use it and check how your connection is.


Various obstructions like walls, duct work, furniture, home appliances, and even people can be an obstruction for Wi-Fi connection. In order for the connection to run properly, these obstructions must run smoothly.

Router capacity:

Every router has a different capacity. Some can handle complex objects, and some cannot. Every router has a different capacity and not all are equally powerful.

Explained below are some measures that you can take to enhance the speed of your network connection:

Select a Good Place for Your Router

You should always select a good place for your router as in all places are not equally stable. One should not place the router close to metal objects and devices that can emit electromagnetic waves. Metal is considered to be the top disruptor of Wi-Fi signals and its presence creates a dead zone around your router which obstructs the signal.

Radius other materials like glass wood plastic foam etc. can also disrupt a signal but their influence is not so much. One should keep in mind that buildings also have metal studs in them, so it is a bad idea to place a router near a wall. Another good thing to do is you can Download a start Finder app on your smartphone repair and find out where you have studs. This can help you find out and you can place your router at a place where it can provide you with the best signal.

Washing machines, dryers, televisions, cordless phones also are problematic for your Wi-Fi routers. One should always keep these routers away from such appliances as it can help in boosting the signal.

What is considered a good place for a router?

ideally speaking a slightly elevated router is considered the best. You should always keep the router away from electric wires and strong wave emitting machines. For the same reason, people who live in multistory houses always place their Wi-Fi routers on the ceiling of the first floor, this can help to attain better signals even on the second floor.

Router update:

There are a large number of malware attacks on the routers every year. These attacks won’t take place if the owner will keep the router updated. after a malware infects a router it can affect the bandwidth and spread across the network to other devices. To prevent this, it is suggested that one should always get the router checked and keep it updated so that no malware can attack you.

Strong antenna:

Most of the routers do not have a strong antenna and they come with a small and weak antenna. It is a misconception that the manufacturers want to save every cent, but the problem is that a powerful antenna can be hideously large compared to the small antenna. This is why probably the manufacturers design an antenna that can fit inside the box of the router and not something very large. A good way to tackle this issue is that you get a new and powerful antenna to support your router. With this, you will be able to enjoy full speed and no disruption in the network connection.

Get rid of Wi-Fi Leeches

It is very important in this day and age to have an encrypted and password protected Wi-Fi device. if the Wi-Fi device won’t be encrypted and protected there is a chance that everyone will connect to the Wi-Fi to have free Wi-Fi signals. This can cause a lot of disruption as so many devices connected to the same device can decrease the speed and bandwidth. So, it is suggested that one should always keep the device password protected.

These are some of the amazing did that can help you to get the most out of your Wi-Fi router. Everyone wants to experience an internet connection without any disturbance and that is why it is suggested that you take these steps as possible.

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