How To Prevent Birds From Nesting In Your Property?

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Who doesn’t love to watch birds? They are beautiful creatures, and looking at them connects you with nature. But that does not mean you have to let them stay at your property. The birds who find residence around your property will use it for nesting. They will build their home and lay eggs, making chaos at your place. No one would want birds to destruct their property with their nests, eggs, and animal stool. The neat and clean surroundings of your home will soon turn into a mess. You obviously do not want them to be there, but at the same time, you don’t want to hurt them or ruin their home. So, the best thing is to follow some precautions that will help to prevent birds from nesting on your property:

Do not provide them a habitat:

Make sure that you do not provide the birds with all the necessities they need to develop their habitat. Yes, a lot of people keep water and food for birds which is a good thing. But you need to make sure that the unsupervised places do not have food and water. You have to cover your trash cans because that will be a source of food for the birds. The unfinished food thrown in the trash is enough for the birds to feed their whole family. 

Hang out with your pets:

If you own a pet, it will be good if you hang out with them often outside your home. Birds will not come near your property if they know you live with a pet. No bird would like to be in front of a big animal. So having a pet can help you prevent the birds around your surroundings. 

If you have a cat, ensure that you do not take it outside without a leash, or else it will attack the bird, and you do not want to hurt any creature just because they paid a visit to your home. 

Predators decoys:

If you are not finding a permanent solution for birds hanging around your home, then you should buy predator decoys. Predators decoys are plastics models of animals that regular birds fear. It can be a rubber snake, a boar, or a bear that will scare off the birds. When the birds fly over your home, they will not get down as they will think that there is some big animal at the place and would really not like to be prey. You can also buy more than one predator decoy to keep the birds off from your property.

Hire professionals:

If somehow bird/s have nested in or around your home, you should hire professional services that will help you get rid of them. Wildlife removal services will remove the birds or even animals that have found a home near your residence. Don’t worry about the creatures being hurt because the wildlife removal services will take every precaution while doing the work of removing birds. They will not ruin their nests but just remove them from your place. 

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