How To Promote Your Photography Workshop On Instagram?


Instagram is one of the best platforms to draw attention, gain followers, showcase or promote work, and even improve photography and videography skills, but it is easier said than done. Lots of users upload their business-related posts on Instagram. However, they get nothing out of it – no clients, followers, views and likes. So the question arises how do you use your Instagram account the right way to promote your business and come away with likes, followers, comments, and a great community?

Nowadays, many photographers are using Instagram to promote their photography workshops. Since it is one of the best photo and video sharing platforms, other Instagram users can like their photo, add comments, and share it with their family and friends. 

In this article, I am going to share 8 tips with you that will help you to promote your photography workshop on Instagram.

8 Tips To Promote Your Photography Workshop On Instagram.

  1. Share Your Photography Posts on Various Social Media Platforms

It is a simple yet crucial step to promote your photography workshop. By sharing your photos from your blog post on Instagram, you can showcase your work and if viewers like your post, you will gain attention to your photography workshop. You can share your photography post on various social media platforms to get more viewers. Also, when you share the posts, add your profile link in the caption. So, people directly visit your profile. It is an easy and efficient way to promote your photography workshop on Instagram.

  1. Deliver High-quality Content

Instagram is a visual social media platform. Therefore, providing the right content is a key element for promoting photography workshops and gaining followers. To make users engaged and interested in your photography profile, it is essential to deliver high-quality photos or images, especially if you are new to the photography business.

Rather than sharing daily life photos, it is more effective for photographers to post high-quality images. Since you are trying to promote your photography workshop, better posting quality images only. You can use various photography or design tools to create or edit photos, album covers, posters, ad templates, etc. 

If you are a novice at creating visual ads, you can try PosterMyWall as it is easy to use, offers great results and can be used by anyone without needing any prior knowledge. With PosterMyWall, you can create your Instagram post, poster, flyers, etc., with ease. Also, this all in one online poster maker tool lets you design and publish your Instagram post directly from its interface.

  1. Update Your Post And Profile Regularly

Next is updating your post and profile daily. Share at least one photo a day to get the best results. Upload your best photography work in your posts. This way, you will keep engaged with your followers and promote your work. However, avoid posting too many photos at once. It may break the flow and give a negative impression. 

Furthermore, make sure your profile has your blog or website address. Also, it’s more profitable if you mention your email addresses to make it easy for your potential customers to contact you. If you want your Instagram feed followers to be wowed by your photography, Keep posting and updating your profile regularly. Add your short, compelling bio, and set your profile to the public to get viewers’ attention. 

  1. Use Hashtags Wisely

The use of hashtags can help you get potential Photography Clients. 

Each time when you post a photo, you should add hashtags to increase exposure. You can add a series of hashtags for better exposure. These hashtags may vary depending on the photograph, location, day, event, etc. Here are a few examples that will show you how to use hashtags.

Photography type hashtags- Indicate which type of photo you have posted. 

Examples: #wedding #newbornshoot #familyportrait 

Location base hashtags- Mention the city or place where you took the photo. You can also include the name of famous buildings, parks or events. 

Examples: #Pattaya #Rajasthan #Mumbai

Equipment based hashtags- You can also describe equipment such as the camera and lens you used for the shoot. 

Examples: # DSLR #Nikon #Sony Alpha ILCE-9M2 # Sony 105mm

Details Hashtags- Mention the relevant characteristics of the photo, such as background, event, model detail, etc. 

Examples: For wedding event -#wedding #weddingbouquet #weddingflowers #bridal

Branding Hashtags- Mentioning your brand in hashtags is a good and effective marketing strategy to promote your photography workshop on Instagram. 

Example: #UrbanPhotoStudio #LensArtPhotography # FuturePhotoShop

  1. Advertise Your Services On Instagram

Social media ads are the best ways to promote any business or service. Therefore, if you are offering any sale, discount or offers on your photography workshop services, you can share this information as an ad on Instagram to promote them. You can use various kinds of photography ad templates to make your promotion ad for Instagram. Make sure these ads are attractive and have all the details of your offers or discounts. You can take advantage of online Graphic design tools such as PosterMyWall. We recommend PosterMyWall since it offers 275,000+ free customizable templates. With its photography ad templates, you can create your promotion ad in no time.

  1. Schedule Posts

Make sure you publish your photos during the ‘best’ hours, not during working hours. You better upload a new photo between 8 and 9 a.m because people like to scroll through their feed during this time. Also, research shows that posts published on Mondays or weekends tend to get more attention. Therefore, it is the best time to post your photos. During these hours, you have a high chance to gather more views and won’t get lost in the viewer’s feed.

  1. Tag Your Clients

If you are posting clients’ photos on Instagram, do not forget to tag them. Tagging them will ensure that they will follow and see your posted photo if they are not following you on Instagram. Also, by tagging your clients, there is a high probability that they will like, comment, and share the photo with their family and friends. You can tag your clients or other IG users simply by typing @ followed by their profile name. 

  1. Watermark Your Images

Watermarking images makes them look like professional photographers. Therefore, when you post your photos on Instagram, it is better to watermark them with your name and website address. This way, when you share your photos randomly on various platforms, viewers will know who shoots photos and where they can find more photos like these. It is a great marketing strategy to promote your photography workshop on Instagram. All professional photographers use a watermark on their images.

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