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reduce fret buzz

Fret buzz sounds are annoying for a guitarist. It’s very common and happens with everyone who owns a guitar. It is produced when a string vibrates against a fret on the neck of the guitar. There are 5 steps that can be taken to avoid it.

  • Clean your strings:

You should clean your strings as the chances are often that the buzzing sound is produced because your strings are dirty. Wiping your guitar strings carefully with a damp piece of cloth works perfectly in order to reduce the unwanted fret buzz sounds. There are other things too like grease that can be used to clean up the tough dirt stuck on your fretboard. Keeping your fretboard clean would lower any fret buzz sounds while maintaining your strings will also extend their life span and would function for a longer time.

  • Change your strings:

Consider buying new strings. Sometimes when the strings become old and rusty, the fret buzz sounds are produced. Try changing your old strings with a new set of strings as this can be helpful to avoid the annoying fret buzz sounds.

  • Use your fretboard properly:

You have to make sure that you are fretting notes on the right spot because sometimes when you making a mistake while fretting the notes, the buzzing noise is produced. So, be careful while fretting notes.

  • Check the pressure:

You need to check the amount of pressure you’re putting on the strings. To avoid any fret buzz sounds your make sure that you’re pressing the strings correctly. You’re wrist and fingers must have the strength to press hard enough to make the contact with the fret and the barre chords as well and play them properly.

  • Don’t strum too hard:

Sometimes you press the strings way too hard when strumming. It can cause the strings to vibrate in a way that instead of an intended sound, an annoying buzz sound is produced. In order to avoid that, you must not strum the strings too hard.

  • Tune your guitar:

Make sure that your guitar is tuned properly. The whole set up is supposed to be in place because if it’s not then your guitar is bound to make weird buzzing sounds. If you’re not able to figure out the tuning yourself then take it to a professional guitar technician. The guitar technician can solve your query easily as he has the ability to understand the real fault of a guitar that can make it cause an unwanted noise. He knows whether to check out the guitar’s strings and neck or other parts and fix it for you. Visiting a guitar technician can surely save you a lot of time as well because the professional person knows what he/she is doing and how to solve any other problems including the noise reduction.

Using these tips can come in handy whether you are a professional guitarist of Vienna or Germany or just a beginner. It can help greatly to avoid fret buzz sounds.




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