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Let’s be honest. Marketing strategy is essential for any niche. It helps you get leads and earn money in the long run. The present digitalized data has provided a gigantic measure of information to an average net citizen. This encourages the person in question to pick between brands, items, or offers. This, in turn, makes the market a profoundly serious field for the top ones to endure. 

A significant piece of an effective business system is using a cutting edge information analysis tool and implementing a marketing report. In the marketing world, a report is a core of winning over customers, assessing the market, uncovering the most relevant details for any business. At last, it will shed light on relevant KPIs and construct a strong establishment for expanding changes.

Reports are the “vision” of a marketer. They give an opportunity to assess the current situation. Numbers provide useful insights for management, like information on spending and profits. Through reporting, you can make future forecasts, marketing plans, and handle budget planning. All tasks and hypotheses should be formed from goals, which are expressed in numbers. Otherwise, the expert is guided by feelings and intuition – and this not the way how you do business.

What Is A Marketing Report?

A marketing report is a collection of data compiled to study the performance of a specific marketing campaign or project. It is used to viably convey an organization’s marketing effort, including research, special strategies, objectives, and anticipated results.

Such reports are the main tool of your information-driven marketing. They present all the data through more digestible visual content. Thus, your bits of knowledge can be comprehended by anybody associated with business decision-making.

Today, marketing is much more data-driven than it used to be, say, five years ago. From following visits per page, bounce rates, and cost per clicks it has evolved into crunching huge amounts of complex information.

Here are a few reasons why you need a marketing report:

  • Your boss and company executives thrive on numbers.
  • You need those visuals yourself. Crushing together information from various sources in a single area can assist you with drawing an obvious conclusion in ways you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
  • Your team will benefit from seeing the marketing performance. Beyond executives and decision-makers, it is useful for other staff to see the numbers.

The Struggle of Reporting

Any data modeler or marketer will agree: the struggle of reporting is real. Even if you’re doing an excellent job in increasing sales or leading a campaign, in the context of making a proper report for a client you might find yourself stagnating. It is extremely challenging to channel the perfect message.

The more information you produce while implementing your strategy, the bigger your workload is. Fortunately, there are awesome marketing analytics tools that will free you from the burden of reporting. As soon as you have all the numbers, you need to demonstrate them in a digestible way. Hassle-free.

Have You Heard of Whatagraph?

Speaking of amazing marketing reporting tools, Whatagraph is an incredible reporting service that can be equally useful for various audiences. Digital marketing agencies and companies use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics in such a way that their clients and teams can easily understand. The tool has all the data from all your digital channels on one platform and allows you to use customizable and editable visual templates. It simplifies the process of sharing analytics within the group and with the clients.

Reporting Features – All In One Place

Whatagraph has social Media, PPC, SEO, E-mail, and other channel marketing analytics combined to make your reporting and campaign assessment as breezy as possible.

The important features include:

1. Automatic report creation and email delivery

You don’t need to keep an eye on daily, weekly, or monthly reports. The service allows you to opt for automated reporting that frees up a great chunk of time for you and sends emails to your clients automatically.

2. Reporting with multiple resources

For a more holistic view of their business, marketers can’t live without multi-data source reporting and analysis. At Whatagraph, there’s a multi-source category that allows you to compare the same metric for various data sources.

3. White label

White label reporting is vital for your branding efforts. It helps you present a unified front to your clients. Whatagraph offers you to customize your report with a logo. Additionally, you can remove Whatagraph branding and take all the credit.

4. Image upload

To include your own insights for a marketing report, you can further customize your report by adding an image to it.

5. Custom data input

It is easy to top off your report with any customized information and make it more digestible by using infographic reports.

6. Several campaigns

If you want all marketing campaigns in one place, you can easily upload the numbers for several campaigns within different date ranges.

7. CSV/XLSX file import

This feature allows you to insert marketing analytics data from practically any source.

On top of that, there are 30+ integrations available, including Campaign Monitor Analytics, SEMrush Analytics, Celtra Video Ads, others.

The Bottom Line

Each business area has its own special reports, which reflect the realities of marketing in the niche. Without such reports, it is hard to monitor the interim stages and understand whether the business is moving towards its goal. The displayed data is a kind of feedback from the market and users on certain channels of promotion. Marketing reports can legitimize your endeavors and feature the achievements of your work.

Furthermore, if you need that reporting in the full gear you may need an instrument to enhance the process. Whatagraph is the least demanding software that will assist you with making and automating reports in a matter of a few minutes. It permits you to show numbers in a way that will allow both your boss and clients to get a handle on the primary message and advertising effort. Rather than spending precious time on compiling a report, focus on your marketing strategy instead.

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