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How To Start A Professional Blog For Effectual Blogging

One of the most common demands of the dummies is How to Start a Blog. Well, that would easy to such geek like you, but not for all. The online crowds are interested in building up a professional blogging career. The only thing they require is the proper guidance.

Many of the people are still compatible with this profession, but the crying need is the A to Z startup guide. But those people shouldn’t worry anymore. I have decided to write down a complete start up guide on How to Start Blogging. There are lots of advantages of blogging from teenage. So, I would suggest all the people to give it a try.

Blog and Blogging – What is It?

Start Blogging

A blog is similar to a book or a diary what you decide to store online based on a specific web address. Such as we have our own web address On the other hand, blogging is the activity of contributing content to the blog on a regular basis. It’s also known as blog updating.

We make the decision to start an online platform to share our own experiences through writing in front of a wide range of audience. And that is what blog and blogging mean in short.

How to Start Blogging Through Creating a Blog

How to Start a Blog

#1.  Choose Your Suitable Niche

At first, you need to choose a niche from your expertise areas. Niche is the choice of your expertise subject, topic or side where you could write a thousand better than others. Many bloggers feel irritated or down after blogging for few months.  Do you know why? It’s because of the wrong niche selection. How far a blog would go truly depend on how proficient the author is in the specific topic.

As an example, suppose you are a computer engineer. So surely you will have enough knowledge about computer and programing. In this situation, if you want to choose a topic for blogging, you would probably go with computer or programing. That is the ideal choice. If you choose sports instead, you won’t able to go far.

The best practice is always selecting the right niche. Right niche doesn’t always mean that there should be high search volumes, low competitions or else. Yeah, I believe these are important, but one has to focus mainly on the most proficient areas. I believe, the most suitable niche for you would help to produce lovely contents. And the high-quality contents will be appreciated for sure.

#2. Get Your Domain Name and Hosting Plan

At this point, I should tell you a real truth that free blogs don’t always go viral. It’s tough to see a free blog ranking or getting credibility. Free ones can’t afford to gain love and respect by both the search engines and readers. If you have the intention to start something professional, you have to go with the paid ones. In this case, you have to buy a domain name and a hosting plan at first.

Domain is the name of your web address. Such as we bought It should be something to match your niche, short and easy to remember. You have to choose a domain name focusing on creating a new brand. Not just relying on rich keywords. Previously, everybody thought keyword in domain name boosts up the ranking. But now, keyword rich domain names get affected by search engine algorithms all the time.

Hosting is the account on a web server to store your website files. It’s necessary to store the files to the directory and keep data in the database to serve on user queries. All the themes, plugins, files or other equipment’s are occupied by this hosting account.

Site performance and usability truly depend on the domain and hosting provider. If you browse the internet regularly, probably you would have seen a lot of providers. Hundreds and thousands of new providers are starting this business in a single day. So, where you could believe? In my opinion, I would advise you to go with the most trusted and reputed one. Because people’s experience can’t be wrong.

Please don’t try to run after cheap providers. Because they won’t be able to provide you your desired service. From my experience, I would suggest to use fully managed WordPress hosting by Cloudways Siteground, Godaddy or WPEngine (WordPress Hosting).

However, if you are still interested in free blogs, you should go with WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr. Among these, I would recommend you to go with WordPress or Blogger. In Blogger, you will get additional help from Google. If you are a very beginner, WordPress would help you a lot to establish a ready-made blog.

#3. Choose Your Blog Software

You will be able to start publishing your writing after setting up your blog. Blog software is the program which makes your blogging easy. That software is programed to manage contents very easily. There is also a good amount of software. But if you ask me, I would go with either WordPress or Blogger. Even I prefer WordPress as the best choice. If you ask me why, I would advise you to check our post about WordPress and blogger features.

After you choose the best one, design a beautiful layout to provide better user experience. Nowadays themes and plugins have reduced our coding efforts. If you not so good at coding, you can simply put on free or premium WordPress themes, plugins to make it outstanding.

#4. Don’t Wait, Now You Can Start Blogging

Have you implemented all the previous steps? If yes, you are done. Now you can start your desired blogging. Make schedule and start writing on a regular basis. Be consistent because all the pro bloggers keep consistency.

One more thing, blogging is not just writing. It’s the process to add value to the readers and make them updated with the trending news. Even, if you create a blog for traffic and earning, you won’t be able to get succeed without great contents. Here is a helpful guide on How to Write Content Like A Pro. I hope it helps.

Have You Started Your Blog Yet?

Blogging is like one’s passion. It can make you famous overnight and earn your living easily. I hope, you would be interested to create a blog. I have tried to provide a basic guide here on how to start a blog. And I am sure you have learnt the basic on how to start blogging very effectively.

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