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Facebook and Twitch are two social networks that allow users to play videos directly to their viewers, if you already know how to play videos directly on Facebook, THE WAY gaming with Twitch and OBS will become simpler and easier for you. However, in order to engage your stream viewers on Twitch, you also need to have a sense of humor, good communication, and a level of gaming level that is quite upwards for the followers to pay attention to you.

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Step 1: First, you need to create a Twitch account with the Twitch subscription Guide.

Step 2: Once registered, if you have not installed the online video playback tool Open Broadcast Software then download Open Broadcast Software here: Download Open broadcast

Next Step 3: On the page, click on your account name and select Control panel.


After this let’s move towards the next step.


Step 4: In the console window, navigate to the Stream code item.


Step 5: Click Show Code to receive the stream key.


Now comes the steps of entering code. Be ready.


Step 6: in a dialog that provides the live streaming code, You copy The live stream code and turn off the dialog.


Step 7: Start the Open Broadcast Software streaming video support tool. On the main interface screen of the Select Settings tool.


Step 8: On the Settings window, select the Stream and set the settings as in the picture

Stream type: Select Streaming Services

Services: Choose Twitch

Server: Here priority selection of the server system is closest to you to the transfer speed, the highest image quality. If you’re in the USA, this section should leave the USA.

Stream Key: Here you paste the live streaming code (stream key) that you copied in step 6 into this box.


After finishing the settings, click OK to return to the main interface.

Step 9: Once you’ve set up your transfer information to the Twitch server, you can make a selection of your favorite stream game then press Start Streaming to start playing videos, stream games with OBS.

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What after that?

Once it’s done, stream game with Twitch and OBS will finish off for a short period of time for the data to be brought up and streamed on your channel.


So we have completed the tutorial to help you play live video, stream game, and simple OBS. This tutorial will help you reach thousands, millions of viewers in the world, as well as streaming on Twitch also helps you get a donation (donations) If you have the ability to communicate well!


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