How to Write a Classic Rental Agreement?

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How to Write a Classic Rental Agreement

Are you a landlord, or do you have a property that you are willing to put up on rent? Are you looking for a way to figure out all the necessary factors that need to be added to the rental agreement? If yes, these steps may be very useful to you in providing you a favorable outcome in case there’s an issue with any of your future tenants. Follow these instructions while making your own rental agreement or get a free printable basic rental agreement.

Here are some of the things you must include in your rental agreement:

  • Correctly Identify the parties in the agreement & the property address – first and foremost, make sure to identify all the names and include them as well as their contact information on the lease of the rented property.
  • State the Term of Tenancy & It’s Validity – The term of the tenancy needs to be stated in the rent agreement. Within the agreement, also state the amount of notice both the landlord and the tenant must give each other in order to end the agreement.
  • Rent & Security Deposit – even before the rain till period begins in the free printable rental agreement, including the rent per month and how the tenant is expected to pay. Mention if you will take payments over credit cards or phone. In case you would prefer a check every month, require them to post in their address. Include within this agreement what the late fee is.
  • State What is Included Within the Rental – this is where you can see clearly what the utilities are included in the rental space. The number of utilities allotted in the rental space such as gas, heat, cabling, electricity, or to be fulfilled under the tenant’s responsibility. Clearly demarcate what is included in the rent and what isn’t. Mention if appliances and furniture come along with the rental or if the tenant has to get their own appliances and furniture.
  • Pets – In the rent agreement that you get made or the free rental agreement you download, make sure to state whether pets are allowed on the premises. If yes, what kind of pets are allowed and what or not allowed. You may also state the limit of the number of animals allowed within the premises. In fact, it is entirely up to you to choose if there is a no pet policy.
  • Every Occupant’s Name – in case you do not want any additional occupants to stay in the property, state that the rent may be the only person allowed to occupy the premises. Or, if there is a cap for the number of occupants staying in residence, include the additional occupants see numbers that may sublease or be assigned to the rental.
  • Landlord’s All Ensuring Access to the Properties, Inspection & Maintenance – State the notice period you gave to the tenants to enter the premises for any repairs or emergency issues pertaining to the property. A lot of local communities have their own system of notice requirements, whereas some states have a consistent requirement throughout the entire state.
  • Make sure to discuss this issue with your attorney or the local building department, and postulate the agreement accordingly. Indicate that a tenant’s failure to give you access to any repair work could terminate the rent agreement. Clearly state the different kinds of repairing issues that the tenant is responsible for.
  • Rules of the Tenancy – clearly state what is expected of the tenant, permit no illegal activities or smoke on the premises. Also states that there should be no noise pollution emitting from the rented space after a particular hour. In fact, in case the tenant does feel to abide by these stated rules, they are responsible for paying for the legal fees to enforce the agreement to the court.
  • Damage to the Property – make sure to state within the papers that the tenant would be responsible for all the damages that occurred during the tenancy period. In fact, include that the tenant must return the premises in clean, clean condition and that the tenant is also responsible for all the legal fees in case of any damage to the property.
  • Signatures – Make sure that the rent agreement carries both you’re and the tenant signatures and the date of the agreement at the bottom of the signature. This sealed the deal between the renter and the property owner.

These ten items are the most important factors required in a rental contract that are free to print and easily available on any free rental agreement.


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