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Ice cream that you’ve made yourself! Ice cream makers let you let your creativity run wild. You can build new and interesting flavors to sample with your friends and family, as well as make healthier choices in the ingredients. No two ice cream makers are the same, though, so read on for some info about the most popular ice cream maker brands and types.

Ice Cream Makers


Cuisinart offers a line of mid-cost electric ice cream and sorbet makers. These machines are electric so they do the work for you – no tiring yourself out turning a crank. Their machines are small, which means they’ll leave a small footprint on your counter, but at the same time, you might not be able to get the volume that you would with other machines. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, go with Cuisinart.

White Mountain:

A total of 180 from Cuisinart, White Mountain Ice Cream Makers hearken back to the days when ice cream was made by hand in large barrels. Don’t worry – these machines don’t require you to crank all day. Instead, they give you the aesthetic appeal of an old-timey ice cream maker with the convenience of an electric mixer. There is a downside to this brand, though: they do get a little pricey. However, they look so nice that the extra cost is worth it!


Kitchenaid is known for its standing mixers, so it’s not much of a stretch for them to make ice cream makers. After all, the thing you need most for making ice cream is a good mixing mechanism! If you already have a Kitchenaid mixer you’re in great shape – just pick up an ice cream attachment and you can make all sorts of frozen treats. The cost of these attachments are about on par with what you’d pay for a standalone Cuisinart ice cream maker, but with the benefit of not taking up any extra space on your counter.


For something a little different, take a look at Doniver’s line of ice cream makers. Doniver offers hand-powered ice cream makers. Each machine has a crank on top, giving you control over your ice cream making. This is useful for certain types of snacks. It’ll also give you a bit of a work-out to pre-burn some of the calories you’ll get from the ice cream! Doniver ice cream makers do cost a little less than the other brands, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

After you choose a brand, put some thoughts into the type of ice cream maker you want:

Hand Crank / Old Fashioned:

These machines need a bit of muscle to get them going. In order to get your ice cream, you’ll turn a crank at the top or on the side of the machine. This is the traditional way of creating ice cream, and some prefer it to the alternatives.


If you’d rather sit back and let the machine do the work, go with an electric ice cream maker. These machines can get started at the push of a button, and once they stop you’ll know it’s time for a treat.

When it comes to ice cream makers there’s no right or wrong choice. Find the one that works best for you and your family, then kick back and enjoy all the delicious treats you’ll be able to make.

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