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Infosys is getting ready to recruit again as an OE (Operating Executive rolealong with the SE ( Systems Engineer role. Infosys is hiring for this position for 5 months . Once the next time in December Infosys are hiring.

If you’ve been shortlisted to be considered for the earlier recruitment and you want to discuss the matter with me, you can do so via email regarding your subsequent selection process.

If you do not get shortlisted the second time, you can submit your application for this job, however, Infosys said that you can’t apply to the same position twice within a period of 6 months. You might try, if, for instance, you received a test message, this is a good option for you.

What is the deadline of applying for Infosys on-campus drives?

If you’re discussing the last date for applying for Infosys off-campus drives, this is the 

infosys off campus drive 2021same date for all of theposts mentioned. Thatoccurs on January 17th.

After that, you’ll be notified via email about your online test . If you are shortlisted in that test . Then, you will be sent an email to schedule your interview.

Eligibility of Infosys Off Campus Drive 2022

For System Engineer Role :

  • Candidates must be graduating (BE Btech, BEin the year 2019,2020 20, 2021.

  • Candidates should not have an active backlog.

  • Candidates should be ready for relocation.

  • The applicant must be 18 years old or more.

For Operation Executive Role :

  • Candidates should be passed to be awarded the Diploma in Engineering (CS/IT, ECE, EE, EEE) within the year 2019, 2020 2021, 2019, 2020.

  • Candidates should not have active backlog.

  • Candidates must be ready for relocation.

  • The applicant must be 18 Years old or older.

How To Apply For Infosys Off Campus Drive 2022

To apply for Infosys off Campus Drive 2022 You must fill all the information required accenture off campus drive for 2021 batch in the form of survey provided below.

  • Candidate Name

  • Candidate Email Address

  • Candidate Phone Number

  • Candidate Address

  • Date of Birth

  • College Roll Number

  • Photograph

  • Resume

  • Educational Details:

    • Xth: CGPA, Name of Board, School Name, Year of Passing, State, Country

    • XIIth: CGPA, Name of Board, School Name, Year of Passing, State, Country

    • Diploma (if relevant): CGPA, SpecializationBranch/Specialization, Institute Name The Name of the University, the Year of the passing, State, Country

    • Graduation: CGPA, Specialization/ Branch, Institute Name, University Name, Year of Passing, State, Country

    • Post-Graduation (if necessary): CGPA, SpecializationBranch or Specialization Name, Institute Name, University Name Year of Passing, State country, State.

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