Instagram Restrictions and Limitations: I’ll tell you everything!

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IG Restrictions and Limitations

There is no limit to how many posts you can make each day. You must know (comprar seguidores instagram portugal) your limits if you want to influence others. Two publications per day are sufficient. However, you can be satisfied with one publication to reduce your visibility.

However, you have to be careful with what you publish:

  • You can tag up to 20 people on a photo
  • Mention 5 accounts in the description.
  • Maximum 30 hashtags
  • Your descriptions can only contain 2200 characters
  • Video streams cannot exceed 60 seconds.

Multiple photos of the same subject on multiple accounts could be considered spam. Accounts may be temporarily suspended.

Publication of official or confidential information such as telephone numbers and identity documents is prohibited.

The number of subscribers and subscriptions

As an influencer, your goal is to grow this number as quickly as possible click here. However, you can have more than 7500 subscriptions.

This is a way to avoid having “one follows for one,” which can lead to accounts with fake subscribers who only want to receive a subscription.

You cannot subscribe to or unsubscribe to more than 150 accounts per calendar day, and you can’t unsubscribe to more than 30 accounts per hour.

There are no limits to what you like

Instagram restricts the number of likes (the little red heart) to limit robots from liking the same accounts. The average user doesn’t realize this because he only likes videos or photos. These limits are often reached by those who love everything (often hoping to get likes in return).

Instagram will block the “like” function if this rule is broken. It will do so for a few hours for the first few attempts and then for several days if you like it.

There are not too many comments!

You can’t exceed 2200 characters for a post description.

There are 20 comments you can make per hour, with a time interval of 350-400 seconds between each comment. This is to prevent robots. An average user will not post more than 5-10 comments per hour.

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Spam is defined as comments that are identical to each other on multiple accounts. Instagram will eventually detect the carousel and block comments for several hours or even days.

We also noticed that influencers could set limits on their pages by prohibiting comments containing certain words or emojis.

Some hashtags are banned or restricted!

You can only add 30 hashtags to a post, as explained above. The photo or video will not be published if you do. We know it’s better to use hashtags correctly and not abuse them. We always place importance on quality, not quantity, to gain visibility.

Some hashtags are banned. This is a continuously changing list. Some hashtags are banned permanently, while others are only allowed for a limited time.

These words can have racist, homophobic, xenophobic, antisemitic, anti-Semitic, or sexual connotations. For a time, some brands and product names may be restricted.

You can check if a hashtag has been deleted or is valid by typing it into the search bar. If the hashtag is present, that’s a good sign. However, if it doesn’t, that’s a bad sign.

While it does not prohibit you from using the hashtag, visibility for your publication will be limited. Your account will be shadowbanned for using banned hashtags.

You won’t notice, but your account won’t appear in Insta’s search engine. Your publications and hashtags will not be displayed in your subscribers’ feeds.


Your Stories videos can not be longer than 15 seconds. The maximum number of hashtags allowed for each story sequence is 5. For greater visibility, I recommend not using more than one to two hashtags per story sequence.

You can tell as many stories each day as you like or as few as you wish each hour. Limiting your daily stories to 5-6 per day is best to remain visible.

An influencer can add URL links to each story from 10,000 subscribers if they have a certified account. Use the “Swipe Up” function to do this.


You can also use Instagram’s built-in IGTV video hosting platform if Stories are too long for you. You can upload videos no more than 15 seconds long, up to 15 minutes on a smartphone, and up 60 minutes on a computer. Maximum of 3.6GB per MP4 file or JPG Photo Montage.

You are also entitled to 5 mentions and 30 hashtags on this publication. Also, there is the option of including 2200 characters in your description. You can also add one URL to each video.

The Reels

Reels have the same limitations as classic videos. A 15-second video can be made with up to 30 hashtags and a maximum of 2200 captions. You must have at least 10,000 subscribers to leave a URL on Reels.

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The messages

Your contacts can receive as many messages as they wish. There are no restrictions, but you must adhere to the 500-character limit per message.

Instagram might temporarily block your account if you send more than 30 messages daily to new contacts. You will be subject to the same block if you send the same message multiple times (copy-paste) to different Instagram accounts.

Age and use

You should be aware that Instagram’s algorithm can analyze your behavior and grant you more generosity after a certain amount of time. Here are the facts:

Seniority: Instagram trusts older accounts that have been in use for longer. A banned hashtag won’t cause visibility problems.

The number of followers: A large number of followers will increase your trust in Instagram.

Engagement: If you comment a lot and like Instagram, Instagram will not be surprised if your comments exceed the limit.

Instagram trusts you when you post frequently

Conversely, the algorithm is more focused on new accounts and analyzes their behavior more closely. A new account less than 20 days old does not get much appreciation.

It makes comments and likes every 20 seconds but is very active. In the first few weeks, you won’t be able to do more than 50 actions per day.


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