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Intranet Software Implementation

An organization needs to have the right approach to implement social intranet software successfully. The approach excludes technology deployments and involves relationship tools that help reap the benefits of an intranet platform. 

Social intranets are engaging, private networks that allow companies to promote collaboration and improve productivity. A few years ago, an intranet was used only by an organization’s top management to make announcements. Over the years, the platform evolved to become a user-friendly intranet solution that authorized members of a company use to communicate, share knowledge, and work together in real-time. 

Equipped with many easy-to-use features, modern intranets are collaborative solutions that connect the main office with remote employees and make them work as one team. Although the software requires lots of useful features, it is also essential to make its relationship-focused.       

Below are some tips by experts on how to implement social intranet successfully.

a). Understand the Potential

Modern businesses understand the value of collaboration, but they do not know how to make the most out of collaboration technologies like intranet software. As per a report by McKinsey & Company, at least 80% of the executives know the role of collaboration in an organization, but only 25% admit that their companies make genuine efforts to collaborate.    

When it comes to social intranet as a collaboration tool, organizations need to understand what these platforms are and how they help in promoting collaboration. 

b). Set Measurable Goals

Organizations must have objectives to launch intranet software. There should be clear, measurable goals that companies desire to achieve by using an intranet solution. These targets can be questions, like:

  • Has intranet software transformed the company culture? 
  • Have physical meetings been replaced with virtual conferences?
  • Has collaboration with remote employees improved?

These questions help identify how an intranet solution has been helping a company grow. 

c). Encourage, Don’t Force, to Use the Intranet

Once the decision to launch an intranet platform has been made, the next step is to figure out how employees should be encouraged to use the network. The tool must not be forced. 

In addition to making employees aware of an intranet’s features, a company can introduce reward systems that recognize efforts once milestones are reached. For example, there can be a leaderboard over the network that lists the most engaged employees. 

d). Empower Employee Usage

Social intranet platforms break down barriers within an organization by allowing employees from different departments to collaborate, communicate, share/access knowledge, and share ideas. 

A company can use intranet software as a centralized platform to share documents. These digital files will be available for authorized members, who can access the documents and make changes to them in real-time. Also, employees can be allowed to search for the information they want for their tasks or reach experts within an organization.  

e). Designate Community Managers

There are early adopters in a company who will use the intranet solution before others. These individuals are aware of the platform’s features and their working. The company can designate these early adopters as community managers, who help recruit more users into the social network and train them to use different features for their organizational tasks. 

These community managers can be allowed to direct conversations, find problems within the network, and resolve issues in an appropriate way.

In Conclusion

By using these expert tips, organizations can encourage their employees to use an intranet solution to its full potential. 

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