Should You Invest In HRIS Software During COVID-19?

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Should You Invest In HRIS Software During COVID-19?

Along with the entire world, India is also acutely affected by the Novel Coronavirus. As the virus continues to spread, it is pretty much evident that we cannot avoid what is happening around us.

This lockdown has shown us many distinct things including the brighter side of working remotely. The most admirable transitions have been the emergence of technology. Technology has always been there but not everyone appreciated it. But now when almost every company out there has implemented WFH policy, employers are not left with any other option but to invest in technological advances. Not to mention, the majority of companies in India have switched to HRIS software to path their business operations during this crisis time. Using such software, companies are combating WFH challenges such as employee disengagement, unproductiveness, and more. So YES, you should invest in it! However, like an old saying, there is an exception to every rule, a group of people is still not sure/ready to invest in HRIS.

In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of using the Human Resources Information System during COVID-19:

  • Improves Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges employers are facing right now is maintaining productivity within their virtual workforce. From HR managers to employees, every individual is struggling with a different set of problems. These problems are eventually dragging the attention of businesses from a crucial point, which is sailing this unprecedented time victoriously. So to focus on the right things, companies must solve the problems faced by its people first. This is when HRIS software comes into play. It is a one-stop solution for any business.

Especially companies with more than a dozen employees can say goodbye to their administrative nightmare using HRIS. While traditional tools make things complex and time-consuming, HRIS not just boosts the overall productivity but also saves a lot of time by streamlining every tedious task.

  • Enhances Regulatory Compliance

WFH or no WFH, complying with statutory laws are always necessary. Amid all this chaos and workload, errors are just inevitable. And these errors may further contribute to hefty fines, even severe legal actions. Fortunately, HRIS solves this problem as well. It significantly cut down manual paperwork that often leads to costly errors. So, no juggling with files/folders means less risk of mistakes.

Also, HRs can not just access all vital data stored in one place but also set automated reminders using such software. These reminders help companies to take appropriate actions without any delay, thus improving compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Cuts Down Errors

As mentioned earlier, a small human error can lead to serious consequences both financially and legally. Even a misplaced decimal point can cost a huge amount to a company, regardless of the size and type. Yes, it’s that serious! This pandemic has already pushed the whole business world into a crisis. And at this point, no employer can afford more expenses in the form of fines/penalties. So, it is important to invest wisely in the right HRIS software and eliminate the amount of error to a bare minimum. It is time to easily automate time-consuming processes including payroll and attendance management even from home.

  • Enhances Communication

HRIS software is well-known for promoting robust communication. Particularly now, when every company is working remotely, HRIS is efficiently allowing people to stay connected and communicate smoothly. It factors in various exceptional features such as chat option, appreciation badges, rewards, etc that make emails and other traditional mediums old school.

HROne is one of the best HRIS software India has. It provides an employee directory feature. Although employees work with the same people every day, there are times when they require communicating with people outside their team. At such times, an employee directory helps employees, particularly the HR team to reach out to people quickly.

These were the top 4 advantages of HRIS that are benefiting companies during COVID-19. Investing in such software only includes setup fees but it is way lesser than hiring new employees. That means, businesses can now acquire more productivity, engagement, data accuracy, security, etc at a minimum cost.

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