JBBATTERY: Best NiCd and NiMH Batteries, NiCd and NiMH Battery Packs


The batteries offered by JBBATTERY are different from other batteries composed of lithium-ion as it is very efficient and has a very high-performance rate. JB BATTERY has expertise in selling some very high-end lithium-ion batteries, especially for Lithium-Ion golf cart battery.

It has one of the largest catalogs for batteries that are of LiFEPO4. They also specialize in constructing a battery that is customized that can support any application virtually. 

Lithium Battery Power’s objective that they want to achieve is to meet the requirement of power that is needed for generations in the future. JB BATTERY searches for innovations and finding some solutions for some complicated situations related to power. If there are any queries or questions hindering your use of these batteries and using them as the main source of power, the customer can contact JBBATTERY. 

The lithium battery is viable with most applications, mostly that run through gel or lead-acid batteries. The battery system named IBM that is installed is very reliable and makes sure that the batteries can tolerate abuse at a greater level and sustain the failure of battery or damage. The management system is configured to enhance the performance of the battery at every level and prevent discharge and sometimes extra charging. 

The batteries of JB BATTERY can be used for various applications and perform connections of various kinds. If any appliance requires quality, reliability, and less weight, lithium batteries can very well be used. The lithium battery they have in their possession are ready for all those appliances that need large power output. They are specially made to perform at a good intensity. Lithium batteries always have a good advantage over lead-acid batteries. The batteries of JBBATTERIES have the advantage of charging at a faster rate, harder work, and also free of maintenance. 

Customized NiCd and NiMH Batteries, NiCd and NiMH Battery Packs

As the new age devices are becoming mini-sized and power-packed, the batteries inserted in them need to be of a high standard with high reliability. Nickel metal hydride batteries give a solution with nickel hydroxide positive electrode and negative with particular alloys. NiMH batteries have a very good density of energy especially nickel-cadmium batteries at the same voltage.  

 The rating about the voltage of these cells is 1.2V, with usable energy ranging from 1.0V – 1.45V per cell. A cylindrical cell variant of different sizes is made available and gives a range of various mAh.   

Custom NiCd and NiMH battery packs can range in acceptance and rate of discharge from 1C or even higher. This can result in an inability to perform tasks that are quite difficult and less time to recharge.  

 The company can be contacted for a solution if the NiMH battery has any problem. They even help in giving the ideal battery. 


  • A good range of discharge capability as there is minimal resistance. 
  • Gives approximately 500 charges or discharge cycle.
  • Fast charging and can charge in approximately an hour if the charger is ideal. 
  • Reliable and cheaper than Li-Ion 
  • The issue regarding transportation does not persist, and no requirement of testing for DOT. 

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