JMP vs. Minitab: A War between Best Statistics Softwares

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JMP vs. Minitab: A War between Best Statistics Softwares

JMP Definition

JMP is one of the most popular statistical analysis of computer software. It is the SAS Institute’s product. SAS introduced it in 1989. The main purpose of JMP’s launch was to take advantage of Macintosh’s graphical user interface. It means that JMP was only released for Mac. Even so, the software JMP was eventually rewritten to be available for the Windows OS. What is JMP? What is JMP? JMP is a SAS business unit producing interactive desktop statistical discovery software. JMP is used to design experiments and science, engineer time, social, and engineering research applications such as Six Sigma.

Minitab Definition

The Minitab data analysis platform is also the best and most robust. The main purpose of Minitab’s development was for the six sigma developers. Minitab offers its users a range of features. It helps you to join the statistical data effectively. They can also manipulate information, identify patterns and trends, and much more. Some of these lead to the analysis of answers to the problems. It is the widely used diagnostic software, small, medium, and large, for almost every business scale. In 1972, Minitab was developed at Pennsylvania State University by Barbara F. Ryan, Thomas A. Ryan, Jr., and Brian L. Joiner. Minitab Inc. was later established in Pennsylvania State College.

Learning Curve

JMP Learning Curve

When we compare it to Minitab, JMP is very hard. However, you will find it more powerful than Minitab after investing plenty of time learning JMP. Almost all of the roles of Minitab can be found in JMP, but not as full. In contrast with Minitab, JMP takes a little more training. They will receive JMP’s formal training. The official certificate can also be earned throughout the training. As opposed to Excel, JMP has the opposite interface.

Minitab Learning Curve

Compared to JMP, Minitab is quite easy to learn. The interface of MS excel is quite similar. It means you can find it very easy to use if you are an MS Excel user. The graph can be selected by customizing it. However, compared to JMP, it is not as powerful. Minitab also provides official training support. From their official sites, you will receive Minitab training.


Compared to Minitab, JMP offers faster speed. At best, in JMP, you can conduct the same Minitab tasks. Minitab is not even as fast as JMP. It takes much time to work out those tasks in Minitab that can happen faster.


JMP is mighty expensive than Minitab. The first is JMP and the second is JMP pro. It has two variants. They have around 1785 million a year in the JMP. JMP pro costs approximately $14,900 per unit per year, on the other. Minitab is much less expensive than JMP. The new license pays about $1595 per year, and regular clients around $895 each year. They have to quote them to get the price details for multi-user packages.


JMP serves its users with great support. It also offers the user community for users to help. You can share your queries and issues with other JMP users in this community. It also offers the knowledge base, where different documents, sample notes, installation notes, or use notes can be contained. JMP also provides users with excellent technical support. The statistics and engineers are all their supporting personnel. They have a degree in statistics and other techniques. They are also in a position to solve complicated matters. Minitab supports its end users in a unique way. It offers the support of a quality trainer to help you find the answers to questions and issues. Other than that, Minitab Express provides support, documentation, webinars, faqs installation, forums, and video. It means that Minitab offers its end-users of 360 degrees online support.

Minitab’s Quality Trainer offers users an opportunity to analyses online information. This multimedia course contains animated lessons that give life to statistical concepts and interactive quizzes that give feedback. The user carries out hands-on activities through Minitab statistics, so that knowledge could be used immediately. Nine chapters of 141 interactive lessons can be repeated in the Winning Party. It provides information to analyze data quality improvement, such as basic statistics, control graphs, process capacity, ANOVA, DOE, etc. Projects are easy to implement using a large collection of over 100 devices designed specifically for each task. These built-in templates improve accuracy and quality.


Now the doubts about the comparison between JMP vs Minitab can be clear. Minitab was, without a doubt, an excellent software. For beginners, even, it is much easier. However, Minitab does not stand anywhere in this fight when we talk about performance. MP’s extremely expensive as Minitab. It isn’t easy to learn, even. However, its performance is the greatest thing. JMP is faster than Minitab and, in a few minutes, will conduct the same Minitab task. From a comparison between JMP and Minitab, from my point of view. The JMP is the winner in its totality.

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