J&T Express Guide to Tracking and Shipping Packages

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J&T Express Guide to Tracking and Shipping Packages

Themarket for logistics services in thePhilippines isexpected to expandin the aftermath of the pandemic and beyond due to the increaseintransactions made via e-commerce duringthe lockdown.J&T Express, a newplayer inlogistics,is lookingtoenter the marketandrivalJRS Express and LBC Express.

Theservice has alreadyreceived a lot of attention fromtraditional and socialmedia, eventhough it was introduced inthe Philippinesonly in the year 2018.J&T Express is a well-knowncompany among sellers and buyerson the internet.You might have purchased fromShopeeoftenand received yourpackagethrough this service of shipping.

J&T Express can provide acourier service to shipitems to customers as well aslovedfamily members.Here’s a guide on j&t rates and delivery processes,and other details you need toknow about this logistics firm.

WhatisJ&T Express?

J&T Express, an e-commerce express courierfirm, operatesinIndonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It wasestablishedinthe year 2015.Servingmostly small and medium-sized businesses(SMEs)and online business, thisSoutheast Asian logistics provider gives online sellers thechoice tosend packages viaJ&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

What is it?J&T Express Works

As a logisticsprovider, J&T Express works justlike other courier servicesinthe Philippines.However,what differentiates itfrom other deliveryfirmsisits wide rangeoffeatures that help ensuresafe, reliable andpunctual deliveries.

J&T Express Delivery Features

  • Nationwide coverage with over400 J&T Express branches and warehouses
  • 24/7 and365 days operation throughoutayear
  • 4-Service Platforms for shippingand trackingpackages: J&T Express website, mobileapplication Socialmedia [2] and a 24 hourcustomer support hotline(02)8911-1888
  • Security packagepackages can bemonitored by CCTVall hours of the day
  • Tracking system that usesGPS tomonitordelivery trucks
  • Real-time tracking system
  • VIP Platform (self-service platform thatallows online sellers tohandle transactions, speed upJ&T Express delivery processes, andmuch more)
  • Claims system provides compensationforlost or damaged package

J&T Express Shipping Process

There are twoways to shipusingJ&T Express.You candropoff your packagesat a branch, orget them deliveredto yourhome.

HowtoShipwith J&T Expressbranches

  1. Fill out the drop-off form availableonthe J&T Express Philippines Website [3] or by usingthe mobileapplication.
  2. Click on theBuybutton.
  3. Find the nearestJ&T Express branch.
  4. Show the barcode that was generated duringyour drop off booking.
  5. Send the packages to be deliveredto thestaff.
  6. Pay the shipping fee.

Howto bookJ&T Express Pickup Service

For arranging the pick-upof yourpackage You can make a reservation onthe J&T Express website, mobileapplication, 24 hours a day customer servicehotline, or call thenumber of the branch closest to you[4].The J&T Express pickup service iscompletely free.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcost based on distance fromthepoint of delivery and the weightof thepackage.You can computethecost of shipping foryourspecific delivery usingthe calculatoronJ&T Express website. [55

For packages weighing6kg or less,refer to the tables below.

j&t shipping rates  Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcost based on distance fromthedestination and the weightof thepackage.The J&T Express Philippines website hasan calculator that letsyou todeterminetheshipping cost ofyour delivery.The calculation is based onthe distance betweendestination andsourceof the package, as well astheweight.

J&T Express Boxes

You canpurchaseJ&T boxesseparatelyat any branch in case youprefer toship your parcels usingJ&T boxes. jnt rates  arecharged according tothebox size andweight capacity.

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