Keeping Children Safe on Facebook- Tips for Predator safety

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Keeping Children Safe on Facebook- Tips for Predator safety

Facebook has gained a lot of fame in the recent past. While most kids love using this FB platform, criminals use it to gather personal information and plan burglary activities for people who share vacation plans on the platform. Online predators also use Facebook to target and groom kids, and the reasons are apparent. Fortunately, there are many Facebook safety tips for kids.

Are you wondering how to keep your child safe on the internet? Read on for ideas.

  1. Change privacy settings

Child predators and molesters can’t hurt your kids if they can’t locate them. Set your account privacy settings to “only friends” and change “see my friend list” to “only me.” By so doing, your child can send a link to their Facebook page via email to known friends when they wish to connect with them. This way, it will be difficult for predators to recognize your child, which is good since the cases of sexual assault due to social media are on the rise.

  1. Decide who to befriend

The best way to keep your child safe on social media platforms is by encouraging them to stay with current friends. And why so? Making new ones can be risky. So, review all the friend requests with your child and decide wisely about affirming new friend requests.


Moreover, educate your child about the dangers of befriending strangers. If your child continues to accept friend requests from strangers on Facebook, get rid of the device to keep them safe. To go about this, search “sell your phone online” and you’ll come across a variety of websites where you can exchange that mobile phone for money instantly.


  1. Avoid tags

With Facebook, you can post images and tag them to other users, and this disperses them to the tagged person’s network. Although this is a unique feature for sharing photos with friends and loved ones, it also supports predators to share images of their prey as a way of blackmailing them.

Ignoring tags is one of the safe social media practices for kids. So, change your privacy settings for “Photos and videos I’m tagged in” to “Me only,” and this will prevent strangers from receiving or disseminating your child’s images or videos.


  1. Beware of apps!

Facebook permits third-party developers to design apps for users. Examples of these are; FarmVille with is presumably harmless and others like Formspring.meare, which is potentially fatal. It allows users, including kids, to respond to anonymous questions from friends, and this invites risks like bullying and sexual discussions from others.

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Again, almost all apps will require your child to confer access to their account and friend information. As a parent, you should help your child understand keeping away from such apps is one of the best Facebook safety tips for kids.

Final thoughts

The above Facebook safety tips for kids will assist your kid in staying safe while using Facebook. Also, train your child on internet safety and make them understand why it’s risky to share personal information online.

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