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When it comes to designing a website, most people focus on typography, white space, colors, or shapes. Of course, these aspects are crucial for web design. Having said that, if these aspects are not organized, aligned, and synchronized creatively, the website will not grab the attention of visitors. So, no matter how much effort you are putting into marketing the services/products that the website offers and paying the SEO agency for improving the rankings, it wouldn’t produce fruitful results for the sole reason that the design is unappealing.

To organize all the elements, you will need to contrast. When we hear the word contrast, our minds go-to colors. In our daily lives, sure, it means choosing the right color. However, when it comes to web design, it is more than just choosing the right colors.

You can always get help from a professional web designer to create an exceptional contrast in web design.

Contrast can be divided into three categories. In this post, we have talked about it in detail.


One of the aspects of contrast is color. It is an imperative factor in grabbing attention. For instance, you have a navy blue background and add black text in the foreground. Well, it will be tough to read.

The color contrast focuses on how one element on the page complements other elements on the page.

Let’s imagine, you want to direct the attention of your users to the CTA button. You will have to use a color that will catch the attention of the users instantly.

There are different types of color contrast you can use

Light and Dark Colors

One of the most commonly used contrast is of light and dark colors. Mostly, black and white contrast is preferred. There are two purposes for using this contrast. It can be used for accenting, meaning you can use it to have an impression of depth. For this purpose, you can create some aspects darker like switches and buttons.

Another purpose of this contrast is emphasis. You can use it to bring something to your visitors’ attention. For instance, you can increase the brightness near the darker element. It will highlight a visual and grab the attention of the visitor.

With the help of this contrast, you can make elements stand out and guide the attention of users’ in the direction you want to engage them.

Clashing Colors

We all know that every color has an opposite color. When designing a website, you can draw attention to a specific area by placing those colors nearby.


Another important element of contrast is shape. Every website has a variety of shapes that helps you identify different objects. Most people think of boxes that you can see on the website when it comes to shapes.

Nonetheless, there are more shapes like icons or search bars and logos. For instance, you can see horizontal rectangular search bars, circular logos, and so on. The reason why you can easily identify search bars is that it has a different shape.


Not many people know that the size contrast of a web design matters as well. Some content on the web page must be bigger than the other elements. For instance, the headings will be of bigger font size than the paragraph text.

Contrast helps in making a relationship between different aspects. It is useful for making the important text or element stand out from the rest. If all the text or content on a web page is of the same size, how will the visitor find what is important?

The size contrast can be applied to a wide range of elements such as images or clipart. With the help of size contrast, you can create an interesting, dynamic, and appealing design.

Other Elements in Contrast

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding the contrast. Here are some other elements you should focus on.

  • Foreground and background
  • Interactive elements such as photographs, buttons, and icons
  • Space
  • Typography

All in all, you must creatively and carefully use contrast in your web design. Adding a lot of color combinations on the page will be chaotic. It will do more harm than good.

Having a difficult time deciding the contrast for your web design? Don’t worry you can hire an experienced and proficient web design agency in New York. After all, contrast is crucial in making or breaking your website. 

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