Know The Best Tips To Deal With Oily And Dandruff Prone Hair!

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Know The Best Tips To Deal With Oily And Dandruff Prone Hair!

Is your oily hair and dandruff creating a nuisance to you? It is quite embarrassing to deal with dandruff. Scratching in the public doesn’t make a good impression on you.

Dandruff and oily hair are the two biggest problems of healthy hair. They affect your hair in many ways like snatching your lustre and shine of hair along with weight loss. These problems don’t allow you to move in the crowd with the black dress on.

Here are some of the tips to deal with oily and dandruff prone hair:

  • Apply baking soda to fix the problem

This is a handy kitchen ingredient that can resolve the problem of oily dandruff. If you wanted to find an easy and effective remedy, this solution doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is to take one spoon of baking soda and massage it on the scalp gently. Allow it to settle for two min and rinse it with Luke warm water.

  • Treat your hair with fenugreek seeds

The fenugreek seeds which are also a kitchen ingredient have numerous nutrients that assist in promoting healthy hair growth. Applying a regular fenugreek mask will eliminate oily and dandruff hair and provides shiny and black hair.

  • Mix usage of onion and honey pack

Here is the best dandruff removal pack for your hair and the mix not only helps in the removal of dandruff but also helps in treating scalp infections and relieves itching. All you need to do is to mix few drops of honey in onion juice, apply it over the head and rinse it after few minutes with water and with some shampoo for oily hair and dandruff available in the market.

 Apple cider vinegar

When you have dandruff prone oily hair, treating with apple cider vinegar is the best remedy. Although the process is time-consuming, it will help you to deal with oily dandruff problems in a better manner. Mix vinegar and water and gently massage over the scalp. Then wash it with water and use it regularly for effective results.

  • Applying henna pack to the hair

This ingredient can prove to be the ticket out of oily dandruff land. This also helps in softening the hair, restoring the shiny nature, and rejuvenates the hair locks. If you wanted to treat both dandruff and oily hair problems, this is the one-stop solution for it.

  • Applying garlic paste

Garlic due to its pungent taste, probably it will be the last item in the mind when you wanted to think of using it for the dandruff treatment. It is the best ingredient that is mixed along with the best dandruff shampoo for oily hair and other cosmetics on the market. Since garlic has antifungal properties that help in combating the process, it is the right remedy to get rid of dandruff from oily hair.


Shampooing is considered to be the best way to avoid oily hair and dandruff to an extent. The above tips help to keep your hair extra clean and help to wash off excess oil from the scalp and also keep the hair dandruff free.

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