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As we know Tableau Business Intelligence Software is well known for its unique capabilities of creating intuitive reports and allowing users to make meaningful statistical decisions based on the same. Many prosperous leaders today are switching to Tableau BI software from their traditional legacy software to incorporate the requisite intelligence in the decision making. 

However, new buyers are often found confused between which tableau products and license to buy. The three tableau products that are used in businesses include: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online, which one would be a best-fit for you depends on your particular needs and demands. Also, leaders doubt about the prices of different Tableau license types and whether they should buy the same or not.

If you too are among the leaders who wish to incorporate business intelligence in their organization but doubt about the Tableau licenses and the pricing structure, then this blog is dedicated to you. Have a read through this blog and find answers to your questions automatically.

Understanding the Three Types of Tableau Licenses


  • Creators in Organization


Do you hire people every now and then to make the complex data of your business in easy to understand and readable format? Or are you fed with the time your employees consume in churning out the meaningful reports out of unorganized and unstructured data?

The type of people you are hiring for this particular tasks are known as creators in Tableau’ understanding. These employees spend their valuable time in extracting the meaningful analysis out of the raw data and make innovative, readable and easy to understand reports. 

But, the Tableau Business Intelligence Software makes this task much easier for both, you and the users as it automatically creates meaningful reports out of the multiple data sources seamlessly in just a few clicks. With Tableau Creator license, users are empowered to make innovative, and creative reports faster and invest their skills I other valuable tasks.


  • Explorers in Organization


Certainly, the reports created by the creators are being analyzed to make critical decisions out of the same. If you have dedicated employees who do this task, then, these people are known as explorers and they are responsible for carrying out the self analysis out of the data. 

But, the question is, how good your employees are with analyzing the reports? Does it take too long for them to do the same? Or do you find some scope of improvement with the analyzing capabilities of your employees?

This category of people is known as Explorers, as they explore the reports deeply to dig out the conclusions, calculate the profit/loss situations or risks to the businesses. But, relying on manual reporting is not a very good practice especially while making mission-critical decisions. So, why put business at stake, when the calculations aren’t reliable enough?

Empower the explorers with the tableau explorer license instead. This will add accuracy in their data and efficiency in their analysis with a variety of tools and suggestions/advice from the artificial intelligence of the software.


  • Viewer of the Organization


The leaders and the decision makers are none other than the viewers. They view the analysis drawn by the analysts and make decisions based on the same.

Tableau Viewer license helps them with this highly sensitive task, as it renders them the requisite intelligence, updated stats on their dashboard itself, accurate profit/loss analysis that helps them make insightful decisions.

So, now that you know the significance of each of the tableau license types and their users, what are you waiting for? Check out the tableau pricing today and get ready to drive into the journey of business intelligence. 

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